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8 Moments of Friendship from “The OC” Ranked

California, here we come! It’s been over 15 years since we were first introduced to the wild ways of Orange County, California and we can’t deny that we’re missing our favorite group of friends something fierce. From Newpsie parties to yagalaties, we just can’t get enough. So to celebrate our love for all things Orange County, we’re taking a look back at our favorite group of friends.

Here is our pick for the 8 Moments of Friendship from “The OC” Ranked.

8. Taylor becomes inner circle

We had experienced bits of Taylor Townsend over the years as Marissa’s preppy rival and general foil to the esteemed Core 4. But when things turn sour, it’s Taylor the gang turns to for help. In this moment, Taylor’s efforts are finally rewarded for proving her loyalty. This is only further displayed in season 4 when Taylor becomes the final member of the group. Which is sweet, because it’s all she ever really wanted in the first place.

7. Graduation

Set to the perfect soundtrack of Imogen Heap’s “Speeding Cars” we’re ranking graduation at #7. Finally the time has come to say goodbye to Harbor High. And with the future of some unclear, we can’t help but revel in this moment of genuine Core 4 joy. Even Taylor Townsend and the Dean get moments to shine, with Taylor’s words of wisdom voiced over this epic montage.

6. Ryan joins the family

Is this ranking more friend or family? More importantly, does it really matter? When it’s announced that Ryan is officially joining the Cohen fam, our hearts nearly burst with joy. Finally he gets the family he’s always wanted and deserved. And Seth’s reaction to getting a brother is too cute for words.

5. Marissa Cooper Graduates

#MarissaCooperGraduates for the win! When Marissa is kicked out of Harbor by the new Dean, it’s the power of friendship to the rescue. Forget just the student body, they’re going after the entire town to gain support. Proving why her actions in shooting Trey were justified, the teens stop at nothing to reinstate Marissa’s enrollment status. Epic? We certainly think so.

4. “I’ll never fail you again.”

Seth has always made it clear that he’s never had a big circle. Ryan was his first real friend. And after the conclusion of the “Oliver fiasco” Seth makes his regret clear: he wasn’t there. But of course Ryan forgives him. What sets this moment apart is the sincerity. You know the feelings are real. Which is why we’re ranking this moment at #4.

3. Pilot hug

A classic for the OC universe. After a wild and crazy adventure together, it’s time for Ryan to say goodbye to the Cohens. But Seth just can’t let him go that easily. Growing up with no friends himself, finding a genuine buddy has changed Seth’s life. Along with Ryan’s clear surprise and discomfort, we’re more than a little in love with this moment at #3.

2. Marissa comes clean

This one was a long time coming. Marissa had kept the secret about Trey long enough. In our #2 moment, Marissa finally breaks down and reveals the truth to her best friend. And Summer, who, among many, knew something was up, reacts perfectly. Lots of support and a shoulder to cry on. Moments like this aren’t easy, but this is the type of friendship we all deserve.

1. Finale hug

In contrast to the Pilot hug, we’re ranking the series finale at #1 because it comes from both sides. Only the second Ryan/Seth embrace of the series, the dialogue between the brothers displays growth and maturity obtained over the last four years. Both boys truly have changed for the better because of one another. And we really can’t ask for anything better than that, now can we?

And those are our 8 Moments of Friendship! Did we miss anything? Let us know how we did in the comments!

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