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8 Times The Outer Banks Cast Made Us Believe In Friendship

Beware: we’re about to go full kook as we review some of our favorite moments of friendship between Netflix’s Outer Banks” cast. Here are 8 times (videos included!) that the Outer Banks cast made us believe in friendship!

1. When Rudy and JD showed us the back of the bike scene on TikTok.

In a hilarious self-made interpretation, JD and Rudy gave us all something to laugh about when they performed the scene previously mentioned on the show about Pope on the back of JJ’s bike. And we agree, he does look pretty comfortable!

2. When Drew and Austin shared their reaction to the announcement of OBX season 2

Both actors were not afraid to show off their excitement for the new season, rushing off to get to the outer banks set as soon as word got out! Austin posted a video on his Instagram that you can view above: it’s absolutely hilarious!

3. One word: tomfoolery.

One of an infinite list, Madelyn made our day with the above installment of #tomfoolery. Check out all of the pictures in the above Instagram slideshow for some amazing friendship moments!

4. That time JD had perfect aim.

Time on the OBX set has never looked more fun than when we see these goofballs playing around!

5. When the two Maddie’s showed off their ability to share.

From one Maddie to another, the girls are always willing to share whatever is on hand. A sign of true friendship, the two Maddie’s share everything from a glass of juice to a comfy tent!

6. When they were supportive of each other’s downfalls.

Er, something like that. But it’s the effort that counts, right?

7. That one time the boys were totally 100% innocent.

EVERYONE ACT NATURAL. There is absolutely nothing to see here… other than a display of true friendship.

And of course…

8. One of the countless times that they showed their love for each other.

Whether it’s in person or through the web, the OBX cast never fails to show off just how crazy they are about each other. And we definitely take notice.

Have your own OBX cast favorite moments of #friendshipgoals? Let us know in the comments- both pogues and kooks welcome!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.