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8 Tobi Favorites That All Fashionistas Need in Their Summer Wardrobe

We’ve talked about Tobi before and now they are back with more fashion statements and deals that you have got to see. Shop Tobi is also the perfect site to get some summer inspiration so you are ready the upcoming season. Here are eight items that you’ve got to check out!

1. Sunshine In The Forecast Yellow Kimono

This beautiful yellow kimono screams summer. Kimonos are so great because they are usually light and easy to pair with anything you’ve got in your closet. The stunning yellow tint of this one with definitely add a pop to your outfits and really improve your mood because who can be bummed in yellow? Honestly, the people of Shop Tobi could not have given a better name to such an awesome piece.

2. Love You Knot Black Self Tie Tee

Any kind of black tee is a must-have clothing item because it goes well with really anything. This one makes the regular black tee look so much better with the tie in the front. It’s such a cute and easy way to change it up a little. If you are not a huge fan of colorful or catchy clothing, this is absolutely perfect for you. Again, super easy to style and is a definite need for everyone’s wardrobe.

3. Lost At Sea Ivory & Navy Striped Sweater

Yes! Stripes are one of my favorite things on clothes for sure. This sweater is good for that mid temperature weather where you can live in light sweaters like these. Many people are a fan of stripes, but most people don’t know what they can do for your body shape. Depending on the color and size of the stripes, it can really accentuate certain people’s body types. Lightweight sweaters like these are also great for layering up if it gets a little too cold where you live.

4. Ventura Dark Wash Mid Rise Jeans

These take the win with the amount of versatility you can get out of these jeans. The dark wash is to die for and the small amount of distressed areas allows it to be fashionable but not distracting. Also, the mid-rise is so great if you feel you are a little on the shorter side because they will absolutely give the appearance of adding a few inches to your height. Jeans like these are pretty self-explanatory as they work with everything and are one of the top must-have items that everyone needs.

5. Blair Blue Stripe Tassel Romper

Rompers are such a blessing that everyone should experience. Why are rompers so great you ask? First of all, it’s a one piece which means you can slip it on and go. Also, rompers can give you a dressy look without having a skirt on so that means that you can run and do backflips or whatever you want to do and not worry about your skirt flying up. This romper also has cute tassels that add such a fun flair to the basic romper. Another great characteristic about this romper is that it also has vertical stripes which are perfect to add just a little bit of height to your appearance which also elongates the legs.

6. Isabella Green Multi Romper

You thought I was done talking about how amazing these rompers are? Think again because we got another one for you that personally took my breath away. This is definitely another summer must have because the print reminds me of a tropical place that I’m sure everyone would love to be at right now. Also, the little tie detail in the front is such a nice way to spice a simple patterned romper up a little. This print is so chic but bright and fun at the same time and that is a rare combination. Slip this on and go remind people to use up those vacation days.

7. Sunny Days Tank Top

One summer essential that I would assume almost everybody has is a colored tank top. However, this one is no ordinary tank top. It has simple little details that make it cute and fun and it comes in three colors. Sleeveless tops are so great when the sun is up constantly like in the summer. Not only will you keep cool but you’ll look super cute as well. This style of top is also super easy to pair and layer with a light cardigan or kimono.

8. Pink Tassel Hoop Earrings

These are the cutest earrings that I have seen in a hot minute. These simple gold hoops with the little splash of pink from the tassel has got to be the coolest fashion statement that I’ve seen in jewelry so far this year. I don’t know who wouldn’t want these because not only are they a fashion statement, they are a FUN fashion statement. They add a playful and cute look to whatever outfit you would like to wear them with so that puts them on the list for a must-have accessory.

I cannot stop talking about Tobi! You’ve got to go check out these items and if none of these items suit your fancy, they have plenty more that you can take a look at. What do you think is a must-have clothing item for summer?

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