8 Tricks to Make Yourself Look Thinner in Photos

Looks really have nothing to do with being “photogenic.” Working the camera is really an art form anymore, and now, as the most photographed generation has taken over, its a skill set we should all become proficient in. Check out the top ways to make yourself appear thinner in photos.

Pull those shoulders back, girl!

Pulling back your shoulders can dramatically lengthen the look of your collarbone, neck and arms. It also lifts up your stomach slightly, elongating your torso.  Moreover, this screams “good posture” and overall professionalism, helping you to come across confident.

Stick out your tongue

Not really, but kindof!  By pressing your tongue to the back of the roof of your mouth, your jaw muscles will tense and cheeks slightly sucked in, making your face appear thinner.  You will be looking very Kiera Knigthly-esque. From what I’ve heard, many celebrities are a fan of this trick. Just take a look at those red carpet photos!

Twist your body

I feel like this one is pretty obvious, but it can be intimidating actually using this trick! Try twisting your body to a 45-degree angle to elongate your torso and show off your length.  Add in those shoulders and a pointed toe and you’ll be instantly slimmed!

Work those heels

Oh, heels. I have a love/hate relationship with heels. While they can make my toes feel numb, they do work wonderfully when it comes to looking slimmer in pictures.  Throw some of these bad boys on and your legs will look looong and toned.  As someone 5’2″, this really does help quite a bit. Heels also help your body to flow down gracefully. You’re no longer looking chopped off at the feet.

Look sassy

Look sassy! And by sassy I mean don’t be afraid to put your hand on your hip. It lifts your torso while also elongating it. Feel free to twist slightly to the side and you’ll be golden.

Wear solid colors

Solid colors always help slim you. It’s a classic maiden’s trick.  Patterns can overwhelm the camera and it might lose you completely. Solid colors ensure you will be seen.

Point those toes

This is a trick I use often! And I saw that because I naturally point my toes outwards. People say I walk like a duck. By pointing your toes slightly inwards and crossing them at the ankles, you are able to make your leg muscles pop. Your hips will also naturally be thrust backward, allowing your stomach to appear flatter while still maintaining your beautiful, feminine curves.  This looks especially lovely in heels!

Keep your chin up!

While keeping your chin up and being positive, also be sure to literally stick your chin up! By thrusting your chin up and out, your neck and face will become longer and slimmer–ultra feminine!

A final tip… Be confident! Confidence really is key, though I know we’ve all heard it time and time again.  Women are created beautifully and uniquely, so don’t be afraid to own what you’ve got!  For me, I find it best to adopt carefree attitude in places I would normally become intimidated.  Good luck out there, ladies!


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