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8 Ways to Protect Your Home and Family from the Worst

Life is full of ups and downs, rounds and rounds. And while you can hang on to the rails for most of the time, every now and then, you slip. The reasons are almost infinite, yet the consequences are usually straightforward. For example, you might be left without an adequate supply of something you need. Moreover, someone may be traumatized, injured, or perhaps even killed.

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But as hard as life seems sometimes, there are many things you can do to protect yourself, your home, and your family. Insulation and danger alerts such as smoke and burglar alarms are excellent protection methods. Yet, the field extends beyond stacking off danger. You also require insurance, future planning, and medical assistance.

Life Insurance

We all eventually pass on. Yet it would be nice to know that you can leave a little something for your family when you do. Perhaps you are the sole breadwinner, or maybe you just want to leave a parting gift. The reasons for leaving the estate are very personal, and you should put a lot of thought into it. But how do you arrange for your estate to be managed when you die? Life insurance companies can handle it for you.

Life insurance is one of those things you will wish you arranged when something happens. It’s not a nice thing to talk about, yet it is necessary. Most people die with debt, and life insurance will cover your mortgage payments, car loans, and any other expense that might be left on your family. And it’s tax-free. Any remainders following your debt coverage can be divided between family members to help them through a difficult time.

Appliance Protection

You probably depend on your appliances more than you think. For example, without a working refrigerator, your food would spoil quickly. This can potentially cause life-threatening viruses like salmonella and staphylococcus. Additionally, should your boiler break down in the middle of winter, it could spell disaster as you struggle to stay warm or even dry your clothes.

Most appliances are expensive to replace or repair. One survey found that 51% of American citizens don’t have the necessary funds to cover such an emergency. Fortunately, there is a range of options when it comes to appliance protection. For example, some home insurance plans cover appliances. Yet, a better option is to get a home warranty plan that covers appliances specifically and will save time and money should anything need replacing or repairing.

Funeral Plans

Arranging your funeral goes hand in hand with life insurance coverage. However, you don’t necessarily need life insurance as much as you do funeral cover. This is because funerals are costly, and they can be a burden left on your family. For example, in the US alone, the average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000, while in the UK, it’s around £5,000. These are both large amounts of money by most people’s standards. 

Fortunately, the majority of funeral services offer pre-payment plans to which you contribute regularly. This will ensure you receive a dignified funeral at no additional cost to your family. Cover starts at a low price, depending on what you want. Still, you can arrange everything far in advance, such as your coffin, the service type, burial or cremation, and vehicle arrangements. 

Pet Insurance

For most, their pet is a part of the family. Cats and dogs especially. Our four-legged furry friends show us just as much love as any child, and once they’re in your heart, it’s challenging to let them go. And just like children or any other family members, cats and dogs are prone to all of life’s dangers. Dangers include:

  • Accidental injury.
  • Viruses.
  • Poisoning from eating the wrong thing.
  • Malicious harm caused by someone else.

When something terrible befalls your pet, your first thought is to get them to the veterinary center. However, you should be aware that vet practices are costly. Unless you have insurance in place, you will be leaving with a huge bill, even for minor treatment. This is why you should think about pet insurance. There is a range of cover options designed for different budgets. But the complete cover plan is best, or you will be required to contribute to costs. 

Burglar Alarms

Someone once said your home is your castle. This means you should feel safe and confident in your own home at all times. Unfortunately, some people choose to ignore this and intrude upon your presence in a criminal manner. Burglary is one of the top-rated crimes all over the world. The reasons vary. The most prominent include drug-related and theft of valuable goods. Sometimes the reasons are far more insidious.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to protect your home from intruders, and the simplest is the best. All you need to do is install a quality alarm system. Cheaper systems are easily disabled by experienced burglars. Some alarm systems require a more complex code than the standard 4 digits, while others also require a key to open the panel. There are also payment plans available for extra security. Should your alarm activate, a security response unit will be sent to your home to investigate. 

Smart Home Devices

Burglar alarms are an excellent deterrent against would-be intruders. But sometimes, experienced or determined intruders aren’t scared by an alarm. Additionally, you may have a silent alarm installed that they aren’t aware of. In these cases, you can better protect yourself or help catch them with some useful smart devices later on. Smart devices are designed to connect to your mobile phone, so you can control them remotely.

For the purposes of home protection, you can install smart locks for your doors that alert you if someone is trying to open them. Or you can install smart cameras you can check anytime from anywhere. Ring video doorbells are an excellent choice for seeing who is at your front door at any given time. Useful since burglars often gain entry by posing as someone else. 

Smoke Detectors

Similar to burglar deterrents, smoke and fire alarms are an essential part of your home’s safety. So much so that in many parts of the world, they are mandated by law. Especially in rental or commercial buildings. However, that doesn’t mean tragedies don’t happen. In the US alone, it is reported that although over 90% of households have alarms installed, around 20% don’t work. The reasons vary, but one of the main reasons is that someone hasn’t gotten around to replacing the batteries yet.

Think about that for one second. There are families whose lives are at risk because a responsible parent or guardian hasn’t bothered to take 2 minutes to install new batteries. Batteries cost less than a cup of coffee. With a working smoke alarm, the risk of death drops by 50%. The figure is higher if you work with your family to develop a fire safety evacuation plan should the world happen.

Health Cover

A controversial subject, to say the least, health cover is a crucial part of life in most countries. While some nations operate a national health service like the UKs flagship NHS, most do not. The United States is a prime example of a system where an NHS is possible yet not implemented well. Medicare and Medicaid are commendable, yet they cater primarily to the disabled, the elderly, and youngsters. 

While it is common for your employer to provide health care, it isn’t guaranteed, and not everyone is equipped with healthcare cover. Therefore, you should try to pay into a private healthcare system that will provide treatment should anything happen to you or your family. While it’s understandable that not everyone can afford this, it isn’t worth the hassle of legal issues and a considerable expense. There are affordable plans available in most countries. 

Some of the best in the USA include:

  • Blue Cross Shield
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • Oscar
  • Kaiser Permanente

Each of these specialize in different types such as self employment health saving plans.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.