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80 Best Bachelor In Paradise Quotes

For the past seven seasons, Bachelor in Paradise has brought together Bachelor Nation Stars over the years to spice up the summer truly. Along with this new chance for love, come some amazing quotes. After all, there is no filter in paradise!

Here’s the scoop on the best Bachelor in Paradise quotes!

1. “He’s the nicest guy, but you gotta have some swagger. Wearing white shoes in the sand — not okay.” – Jordan Kimbell

@jordan__kimball on Instagram

2. “Guys are great. I’m not here for a bromance, I’m here for romance.” – Derek Peth

3. “You’re being so un-murdery.” – Chad Johnson

4. “Evan does give me erectile dysfunction.” -Carly Waddell

5. “I’ve been to war and back and I can’t handle a little clown.” -Jubilee Sharpe

6. “You went to sleep last night with a mimosa and a robe on. You don’t even watch the show.” – Chad Johnson

7. “This isn’t my first rodeo.” – Emily Ferguson

8. “Yeah he even has formaldehyde in his bag.” – Jordan Kimbell

9. “Mosquitos wake up every morning and choose violence.” – Aaron Clancy

10. “We’re going to drink tequila, other booze known here.” -Christy Hansen

11. “I don’t want to put all my chickens into one egg and let it hatch into… I don’t know, a dinosaur?”– Daniel Maguire

12. “When you told me my butt looked good in those shorts, I melted.” – Jordan Kimbell

13. “I have very high standards. An eagle doesn’t settle for a pigeon, right? An eagle settles for an eagle. I don’t know what’s better than an eagle, like a pterodactyl or something?”– Daniel Maguire

14. “I want to go home because there’s no one here for me. But I’m going to leave it in God’s hands.”-Christy Hansen

15. “There’s a lot of crabs everywhere. Why are there crabs everywhere?” – Chad Johnson

@realchadjohnson on Instagram

16. “Just when I say Bibiana, my mouth waters.”– Jordan Kimbell

17. “We walk out onto this vista. I don’t even know what a vista is, but we walk out onto it.” – Clare Crawley

18. “We’re gonna test drive some cars here. That’s what we’re gonna do.”- Carly Waddell

19. “If he doesn’t come in eating a sweet potato, I’ll be really disappointed.” – Nick Viall

20. “I didn’t murder Evan so that’s good.” – Chad Johnson

21. “Oh God, he’s high-fiving her? That’s not good. She doesn’t like high fives.” – Haley Ferguson

22. “I brought so much protein!” – Chad Johnson

23. “Dolla dolla bill, yo. Dolla dolla bill.” – Chad Johnson

24. “It’s weird to say I’m a veteran now, but your boy is salt-and-pepper seasoned.” – Jordan Kimbell

25. “On a scale of 1 to 9, I’m a 9 disappointed.” – Lace Morris

@lacemorris3 on Instagram

26. “Apparently he pooped his pants.” – Vinny Ventiera

27. “It’s not the time to be glib. I don’t know what that means, but it’s probably not the time to do that.” – Chad Johnson

28. “You’re on the moon, you might as well look for cheese or whatever they have up there, you know?” – Daniel Maguire

29. “It’s my beach. The mayor of Paradise is back. Tick-tock, let’s make it rock.” – Jordan Kimbell

30. “I did hear that Lace is a bit crazy.” – Grant Kemp

31. “Riley is an attorney and thinks education is important. But he also thinks that biceps are importanter.” – Aaron Clancy

32. “Nah, man. Eating cookies, dude.” – Chad Johnson

33. “I’m not a big fan of Chris right now, and I am a big fan of Jessenia. And Jessenia doesn’t like Alana.” – Aaron Clancy

34. “I’m here to find love, I’m not going off just looks. I am looking for the bone depth stuff that comes with marriage, and engagement. I’m gonna have to see what their laugh sounds like because I’m going to have to hear that for the rest of my life. – Jordan Kimbell

35. “James is my homey-homey.” – Aaron Clancy

aaron clancy
@aaronrclancy on Instagram

36. “Can you imagine all the ugly ones you’d see out there? Gross, eh?” – Daniel Maguire

37. “You’re a model, right? It’s cool that we’re into the same thing.” – Jordan Kimbell

38. “Let’s re-meet the people we’ve already met 100 times.” – Dave Spade

39. “I love words.” – Jordan Kimbell

40. “This is my playa.” – Jordan Kimbell

41. “Becca standing up there with the rose is like a natural habitat. You know, you see a dolphin swimming in the ocean. It’s like something so beautiful about seeing something doing what it’s supposed to do, you know. It was built to do that.” – Aaron Clancy

42. “Hannah deserves a good ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and I’m a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ legend. To be honest, I’m not impressed with these dudes. Dylan and Hannah are established, but establishments come down sometimes. We need some renovations.” – Jordan Kimbell

43. “So Abigail, I like it because I’m a nurse. I used to do clinical with kids that were deaf. I think it’s powerful. She’s been through adversity.” – Noah Erb

44. “Three years ago we met right at this spot. On this very beach. I don’t ever want another day to go by that I don’t kiss you and tell you how beautiful you are and how much you mean to me.” -Jared Haibon

45. “This is the show where the guys are good looking, the girls are good looking, and I’m the host.” – Dave Spade

@davidspade on Instagram

46. You were somebody that I really saw… something to build with, and now that that’s kind of come for a close, it’s time for me to go.” – Tre Cooper

47. “The Blake drama is like an onion and we’re just peeling away the layers. But we’ve got a whole garden back here. We’ve got tomatoes, we’ve got celery, and the vegetables are just growing out. Blake better get some clippers and start clipping because this is crazy.” – Jordan Kimbell

48. “It’s payback!”  – Mari Pepin

49. “If I were to rearrange his jawline that would be the Lord’s work.” – Aaron Clancy

50. “He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Everyone is the cake, and the beach is the eat it too.” – Demi Burnett

@demi_not_lovato on Instagram

51. “Welcome to Paradise.” – Kelsey Weier

52. “I’m kind of, like, scrambling to figure out what to do today.” – James Bonsall

53. “We got some hot men coming in this week, so guys, you better watch out!” – Lance Bass

54. “Thomas is all about clout and, like, a platform.” – Aaron Clancy

55. Who wants a mimosa?”  – Lance Bass

lance bass
@lancebass on Instagram

56. “Aaron’s about to tackle him” – Natasha Parker

57. “I got 99 problems, but a chick ain’t one.” – Jordan Kimbell

58. “No, the same reason you don’t put stickers on a Lambo” – Daniel Maguire

59. “The big one is that it came out that he came with the intention of becoming the Bachelor,” – James Bonsall

60. “He openly admitted it? Never a good idea.” – Joe Amabile

61. “My plan for the rest of the day is to kind of focus on the connection I’m building with Tahzjuan.” – Tre Cooper

62. “You’re the only person that I wanted to meet down here… I go after what I want.” – Tahz Hawkins

63. “Is she, like, upset that she didn’t get taken on a date?” – Riley Christian

64. “That’s why I just want to apologize to all of you guys for every single wrong that I’ve done.” – Thomas Jacobs

65. “Why are you talking about Tre like you’re his father?” – Serena Pitt

@serena_pitt on Instagram

66. “I feel like every night I watch Chris age 10 years as every hour goes by.” – Demi Burnett

67. “Christian was a night 1 guy from Becca’s season. He was. The one who stood by the meatballs all night with the mustache. None of us actually knew his name. Christian’s not a bad-looking guy, but a) he’s not a model, b) his personality sucks, c) he wore athletic shoes to ‘Paradise.’” – Jordan Kimbell

68. “Here’s Cam in his natural habitat: walking alone on the beach and sad. Who’s getting a rose this week? ABC: anyone but Cam.” – Demi Burnett

69. “The conversation with Hannah was great. We’re both models so we’re like Barbie and Ken.” – Jordan Kimbell

70. “Wish you the best of luck… Have a good life. Go crazy, bro” – Tre Cooper

@trecooper_ on Instagram

71. “I’m excited I got to see you in your outfit.”  – Connor Brennan

72. “Love is all about honesty and trying new things,” – Lance Bass

73. “David Spade, what are you doing here?” – Kenny Braasch

74. “And the prospect of falling in love in Paradise is amazing and exciting and just the tiniest bit scary.” – Brendan Morais

75. “I have endured bugs, birds, everything here! I can’t do crab, I can’t do all this nature, I can’t!” – Tahz Hawkins

bachelor in paradise
@tahzjuan on Instagram

76. “Toronto is very ugly from the outside, but beautiful in… not like you! You’re beautiful from the outside, but I just can’t figure out what your inside is yet.” – Joe Amabile

77. “I know Tre because I went on a date with his uncle,” – Tahz Hawkins

78. “Who wears a watch and tennis shoes to the beach?” – Tahz Hawkins

79. “I feel like I’m in a haunted house,” – Abigail Heringer

80. “Those poor girls. I’m gonna steal all their men!” – Demi Burnett

We hoped that you enjoyed reading some of our picks for the best quotes from Bachelor In Paradise!

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