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80 Best Quotes From The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall is a western movie that follows grown Nat Love as he chases down the men who entered his childhood home when he was ten years old and murdered both of his parents. One by one, Nat Love kills each man involved in his parents’ deaths. The last one standing, Rufus Buck, announces a major plot twist when faced with the barrel of Nat’s gun.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from The Harder They Fall!

1. “Father, we are gathered here to share this food in your name. Bless this food into our bodies oh lord. Bless our hearts in all that we do oh lord, so that we may walk in your name.” – Theodore

2. Your quarrel is with me. Let’s go outside and take a walk and handle our business. Please… please, I’m begging you.” – Theodore

3. “Father Esparza. I’m here for confession — and the collection. You know what happens when you’re late with my coins.” – Priest

Nat Love watches over town in the harder they fall

4. “A snake? I understand that. The Garden of Eden, Bible at Cetera, but a scorpion? That puzzles me.” – Nat

5. “Those were different times. Whatever happened between you and I must’ve been a long time ago.” – Cortez

6. “This is a wanted man. Turn his body in and you’ll get five thousand dollars for your church.” – Nat

Trudy Smith leads her gang.

7. “I remember ties yall hoods used to be crimson. You know, the crimson hood gang.” – Nat

8. “What the hell is that shit? Playing quick draw games when my ass getting shot at?” – Bill Pickett

9. “Might be, but I hearsay there’s a quick draw more lightnin’ than you go by the name of Cherokee Bill.” – Bill Pickett

10. “Yall rob banks, we rob yall, and ain’t a negro from here to Africa gonna know we even exist.” – Bill Pickett

Nat Love leads his own gang into action. the harder they fall

11. “I got to see a lot of things, Mr. Love. People see me and they don’t feel too intimidated by what they see. See?” – Cuffee

Cuffee poses after a kill.

12. “The only thing I need to hear coming out your mouth is ‘goodbye Mary’.” – Mary

13. “Rufus in Yuma for the rest of his natural life. For a man like him that is worse than death.” – Nat

14. “As long as that man draws breath, your spirit is going to be cursed and wild as it ever was. I made things, I built things, and I ain’t gonna risk all that cause you to come trotting back.” – Mary

15. “Damned if I know. I just know it’s so. All the gangs getting set to ride him again.” – Monroe

Nat Love let's Monroe Grimes slide by.

16. “You think Rufus Buck was gonna let you keep half that money and you calling me a fool.” – Nat

17. “It’s called the crimson hood gang, you think that’s the last one?” – Nat

18. “My name is Cherokee Bill. Now let it be known that I don’t particularly enjoy violence. That being said, you are currently in the company of extremely violent individuals. So, don’t do no stupid shit alright?” – Cherokee Bill

19. “You must be the hero. Great spirit, why is there always one? You’re rude. I might actually enjoy inflicting violence on you. Who knows, maybe you’ll win. Let’s see.” – Cherokee Bill

Cherokee Bill and Trudy Smith overtake the train carrying Rufus Buck. the harder they fall

20. “I imagine you have all your artillery aimed at the door. I’d like to inform you that in front of that door lies one of your very own troops. Any bullets coming through that door will hit him first.” – Cherokee Bill

21. “That sounds like fear talking, ‘officiant of the goddamn law’. We’ve hurt a couple of folks already. You just going to let us go dred scott free?” -Cherokee Bill

Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill ride off to meet their next victim.

22. “Now I suggest we make a peaceful trade and everybody lives to see another day.” – Cherokee Bill

23. “I don’t like long distances. Lt. General Abbot. Ever cross your mind why you were given the task of transporting a lone outlaw from one prison to another?” – Trudy

Rufus Buck is released by Cherokee Bill and Trudy Smith.

24. “A man so crooked that even the government is embarrassed by his misdeeds. Apparently, you and your men wiped out an entire town, women and children included to steal the silver.” – Trudy

25. “No need to show me that star, I know who you is. In here though, I be the Sheriff, which makes Miss. Mary the Marshal, and the Marshal say don’t nobody come in here gunned up or they could get gunned down.” – Cuffee

Mary protects her saloon. the harder they fall

26. “I was on the trail of the crimson hood gang on account of a bank robbery in Kansas City. Turns out, somebody got to them before me.” – Bass Reeves

27. “Then why you here drinking my liquor when you should be out rounding up deputies to bring him to justice?” – Nat

28. “Everybody in here knows who I am. I’m taking Nat Love to Fort Smith to be tried. Anybody tries to follow me to save him, well… you know what I do. Y’all enjoy the rest of the evening.” – Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves confronts Nat Love about his involvement in the robbing of the crimson hoods.

29. “The Crimson hoods took it for twenty-five thousand dollars, but they were ambushed before they got here.” – Ben Hodges

30. “That will put us right where we started. How we supposed to build a Mecca without any bricks?” -Cherokee Bill

31. “Rufus Buck look at you, a relic of yesteryear with nothing, and now you think can roll into my town and take what belongs to me?” – Wiley Escoe

Wiley Escoe prepares to face Rufus Buck.

32. “The world you knew is gone. A flood is coming, and you think you can hold onto this place when it hits? At least I know enough to get mine and get out. Kill me and you’ll have nothing.” – Wiley Escoe

33. “You know a man like you will have us all subservient till the end of our days so long as you can buy yourself a house, a badge, and those goddamn gold teeth.” – Rufus Buck

Wiley Escoe faces Rufus Buck. the harder they fall

34. “Redwood will never be yours. Never. Matter of fact, you ain’t welcome here no more. Now, I want you to vacate immediately or die where you lay.” – Rufus Buck

35. “I ain’t not bringing him in, I’m bringing him down. And we ain’t teaming up old man. Your life’s expendable Marshal. My gangs ain’t. Shit since we’re out here I oughta tell you, I was fixing to kill you — when you and you’re fellas brought in Rufus.” – Nat

Nat Love collects his gang to hunt down Rufus Buck.

36. “A lot of men be fixing, son. They always seem to die before they get the job done. And just for the record, I took Rufus in alone.” – Bass Reeves

37. “That’s mighty generous of you, but that ain’t how this gang works Nat. Take stays in the usual place ready to be shared three ways when we come back.” – Pickett

Nat Love joins the rest of his gang.

38. “You take on the devil himself you’re gonna need more than just you and the Marshal.” – Mary

39. “Out-speed ain’t a word and Clarence ain’t a book. I’m kinda hoping Cherokee put a bullet in your ass just to shut you up.” – Pickett

Bill Pickett poses. the harder they fall

40. If you were running Redwood, who would’ve kept our operation going? Who would’ve kept all the other gangs in line? Look, I know that Wiley got his ways, but he was loyal once.” – Rufus Buck

41. “See these folks either can’t see it or don’t want to, but I believe in what you’re doing. This place can be the promised land for us. Long as that’s so, ain’t nothing I won’t do to see it through.” – Trudy

Rufus Buck, Trudy Smith, and Cherokee Bill approach Redwood.

42. “Citizens of Redwood — A new day is dawning! As by now you have doubtless learned, the territory is
being officially opened up for settlement. They say what we own is goin’; stay our own. But you know as well as I do what that’s worth. Your land, your businesses, your homes, have all been promised to the highest bidders by your one-time sheriff, Wiley Escoe.” – Trudy

43. “Mr. Buck can prevent that from happening. But in order to do so it will be necessary for us levy a tax, to be deposited in the Redwood bank by noon Friday.” – Cherokee Bill

Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill ride off to collect Rufus Buck.

44. “I heard of Rufus Buck. How bad a man he is. But he got himself thrown in jail before, and I reckon
he’ll be back there again soon enough — when he is, maybe I’ll come back to this town… Because I ain’t
paying shit.” – James

45. “You think I made redwood for myself? To what end? Redwood ain’t a hiding place ‘cause I don’t hide.
It ain’t a dream. I don’t dream. You know what it is? It’s an example for others to follow. And you…you… are enemies of progress.” – Rufus Buck

Rufus Buck in his office. the harder they fall

46. “Redwood is crawling with gunmen. Rufus came with twelve. Took six of mine. Who knows how many he got by now.” – Wiley Escoe

47. “Law doesn’t find a man like Rufus Buck unless you got inside information. Ain’t that right, Wiley? If I had my way, you’d be right up under the jail next to Rufus — but you cut yourself a deal and wound up wearing a badge instead.” – Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves rides into Redwood with Nat Love and his gang.

48. “You got your reasons you want Rufus gone and I got mine. Ain’t the enemy of my enemy my friend? Rufus tryin’ to save Redwood. But for that he needs money. And that’s one thing he ain’t have.” – Wiley Escoe

49. “In case you forgot, your face is more famous than the rest of ours put together, Stagecoach Mary. Got it up on advertisements for that saloon of yours from here to Texas.” – Nat

Mary prepares Nat for facing Rufus Buck.

50. “I used to hate feeling helpless over you. Those days are over, Nat. When the dust settles, we gonna go our separate ways, for good… but not until the dust settles, I’m here till then.” – Mary

51. “I assume you know who I am. I assume you know who I used to run with. Those days are over for me
anyhow, but I didn’t get to be Stagecoach Mary Fields without having my ears to the ground and my ears tell me you just lost twenty-five thousand that was coming your way.” – Mary

Stagecoach Mary Fields. the harder they fall

52. “My saloon in Douglas is booming. Bought me another one in Elks and I got a restaurant in Cascade too. For the sum of all that, I’ll take this one off your hands. The mere mention of my name brings forth good business to any establishment attached, whereas, with all due respect, the name Rufus Buck…
instills fear.” – Mary

53. “We know who you are. You walk into my town with that proposal, which is risky. The kind of risk a woman such as yourself wouldn’t tie herself to…‘less there was a whole of a lot more at stake. See, I don’t believe in coincidences… like you just gonna walk in here right after the Crimson Hoods get ambushed, with my
money. What are you thinking?” Rufus Buck

Rufus Buck scours.

54. “She was pretty and strong-willed like you. She died of polio when I
was eleven. Always in pain but would never let me see her cry. There was a girl called Hope. Lived
by us. Big fat kid. Always picking on the smaller kids, obviously out of jealousy. Ain’t never fuck with
me though.” – Trudy

Trudy Smith intimidates Mary.

55. “Nah, that ain’t me. I’m the Cherokee Bill that shoots men in the mouth that talks too much.” – Cherokee Bill

56. “He said, ‘I driven towards an end that I do not know. As I reach it, as I shall become unnecessary, an atom shall suffice to shatter me. Until then, all forces of humankind can do nothing to stop me.’ As a
man, he knew exactly who he was. Most importantly, he knew that his time would come to an end. Cut him down.” – Rufus Buck

Rufus buck and his crew arrive in Redwood. the harder they fall

57. “Nat Love, The outlaw who robs outlaws. The angel of death who hunts down those who trespass
against him with no mercy. I know who you are. And I see the line that you won’t cross. See, I know what’s on the other side.” – Rufus Buck

58. “You will return the money you stole from me by Friday noon. Not a moment later. And you will add
ten thousand dollars on top of that. We’ll call that interest.” – Rufus Buck

Nat Love considers his next move.
Courtesy of Netflix

59. “My emotions are all types of confused. I mean, Pickett, I agree. That’s crazy. But Nat, I also agree
with you telling the marshal here that we gonna do that shit anyways. That’s some true outlaw shit.” – Beckwourth

60. “They say robbing banks is hard work. But that’s a lie. Robbing banks is easy— the hard part is doing it without killing.” – Nat

61. “You can be all hasty and shoot me if you want, or you’re gonna wait to see what I brought with me
first.” – Wiley Escoe

Nat Love takes pride in his endeavors.

62. “Afternoon. I would ask you to run go fetch your superior — but that’d be like asking you to fetch your daddy. It could be anyone, right?” – Bass Reeves

63. “You know they call your boss the Devil himself. But even the devil needs his money. So being as we are in possession of that money, let me dictate the terms of engagement.” – Bass Reeves

64. “Quickdraw, Nat Love a dead man walking. But you don’t have to be. Why don’t you go back to your
horse, get your shit, and back to wherever it is you call home.” – Cherokee Bill

65. “Why do they always have to count so slow?” – Cherokee Bill

66. “Trudy Smith is mine.” – Mary


67. “Not today you sick son-of-a-bitch.” – Pickett

68. “I always knew it was you who gave me up.” – Rufus Buck

69. “Just need to reload, but you look hurt Mr. Pickett.” – Cuffee

70. “Don’t do that. You had a choice. You always had a choice.” – Cherokee Bill

71. “You gonna shoot me in the back too? Or cheat the count?” – Cuffee

72. “I know what it is now. It’s the eyes.” – Rufus Buck

73. “And my mother was a good woman — before you cut them down.” – Nat

74. “I used to watch my father beat my mother to a pulp if she overcooked his food. He cut her up real good if she undercooked it too. One day, I decided to intervene, and he turned his wrath on me. My
father was not a good man. Not a good man. He was an outlaw — robbin’ banks.” – Rufus Buck

Nat Love and Rufus Buck face each other. the harder they fall

75. “As I did, all I could ever think about is wanting my father to pay for what he did. I searched for him for years and years and I could never find him. It’s like he had disappeared off the face of the earth. I ain’t stop though. I kept looking until I did find him. One day, lo and behold… there he was, my father.” – Rufus Buck

76. “A new man, he was clean now. Sober. Man of God. At church. He had a pretty little wife. And he had a son, about the age of ten years old, whose eyes blazed like mine.” – Rufus Buck

77. “But it wasn’t enough. Letting you live was true revenge. Every sin you made, every bank you robbed, everybody you killed. I mean, look at you.” – Rufus Buck

78. “You sure the law gonna believe he’s dead?” – Mary

The Nat Love gang peeks over one of their kills.

79. “It’s the law, Miss. Mary. If I say he’s dead, he’s dead.” – Bass Reeves

80. “I kinda always wanted to be a Sheriff, Deputy, Marshal person.” – Cuffee

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