80+ Spirit Week Ideas for Thanksgiving

Spirit week is a great way to bring people together and build team spirit. It’s also a great opportunity to have some fun and get ready for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we have a lot of fun spirit week ideas for Thanksgiving!

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

Spirit week is the chance to get creative and have different theme days each day of the week leading up to Thanksgiving break.

Whether you are celebrating a school spirit day or spirit week in your office, there are many thanksgiving crafts and spirit week activities to get all of your students or team members excited.

Here is the scoop on spirit week ideas for thanksgiving that will get you started!

All About Spirit Week

Celebrating spirit days are some of the best ways to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and ensure that everyone has a great time. There are so many fun ideas and unique ways to celebrate this fun event.

Whether you want to encourage everyone to dress up on theme day ideas or participate in community events to promote social responsibility, there are lots of creative ways to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Spirit Week Ideas For Thanksgiving

1. Pajama Day.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

2. Elementary Day where everyone has to dress like they’re from the elementary school.

3. Superhero Day.

4. Family Members Day where everyone has to dress like one of their family members.

5. School Colors Day.

6. Recipe Swap Day, where everyone brings in their favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

7. Twins Day.

8. Thanksgiving dress-up days ( Pilgrim, Native American, Turkey, etc.).

9. TV Show Day.

10. Crazy Hair Day.

11. Flannel Shirts Day.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

12. Happy Hour where everyone gets together after work for some drinks and appetizers.

13. Company Culture Day where everyone has to dress like they’re from the company’s culture (e.g., if you’re a start-up, dress like a hipster).

14. Friendly Competition Day where people compete in different Thanksgiving-themed games.

15. Canned Food Drive Day where everyone brings in canned food items to donate.

16. High School Stereotype Day .

17. College Day where everyone wears clothes representing the college they went to or plan to attend by wearing the school shirts.

18. 80’s Day where everyone wears their favorite 80’s outfits! Just be sure that their outfits follow the dress code.

19. Volunteer Day where everyone picks a volunteer project to give back to the community. This can even count as virtual volunteering.

20. Have a Talent Show.

21. Style Swap Day where everyone dresses in a style out of their comfort zones.

22. Make Time Capsules.

23. Relay Races.

24. Pie Swap Day where everyone brings in a pie and shares pieces.

25. A Pep Rally.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

26. Virtual Scavenger Hunts where you split everyone into a remote team like Microsoft teams and have them complete a scavenger hunt. All you need is the email address or each member for the large teams.

27. Holiday Spirit Day where you dress up representing your favorite holiday!

28. Company Colors Day.

29. Throwback Thursday.

30. Board Games Day or a Game Night Day.

31. Wacky Tacky Day where everyone wears their wackiest outfit. There are so many creative ideas and easy ways to dress tacky.

32. Star Wars Day.

33. Disney Day.

34. 70’s day where everyone wears their best 1970’s clothes like bell bottoms or peace signs.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

35. America Day where people show their love for the United States.

36. Singer Day where everyone dresses like their favorite songs.

37. Field Day is a great way to get everyone excited, just be sure to have lots of water bottles on hand!

38. Beach Day.

39. Flash Mob Day is another fun activity. Pick a great place to have a large dance and go wild!

40. Ice Cream Social.

41. Luau Day.

42. Sports Jersey Day.

43. Fund Raiser Day where everyone raises funds for a certain cause and any additional fees.

44. Iconic Duo Day.

45. Costume Contest.

46. Favorite Meme Day where everyone dresses to recreate their favorite meme.

47. Dress Like Your Teacher/Boss.

48. Have a Half Day.

49. Avengers Day and have everyone dress as their favorite Marvel hero!

50. Tug of War where the first team to pull the other team’s part of the rope across a line wins!

51. Tie-Dye Day is a day where everyone wears tie-dye. This is a great option because many people will already have it in their closet.

52. Zoo Day where everyone dresses up as their favorite animal.

53. Whiteout/Blackout Day.

54. Formal Day.

55. Casual Day.

56. Harry Potter Day where everyone dresses up like students of Hogwarts.

57. Classic Story Day.

58. Reality vs. Fiction where everyone dresses as their favorite TV character, either from reality TV or a fictional show.

59. Paint a Group Mural.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

60. Neon Day.

61. Hat Day.

62. Cowboys vs. Pirates.

63. Sitcom Day is another great chance to dress as your favorite character. Bonus points if others can guess what show you are from!

64. State Spirit.

65. Future Day.

66. Disco Day.

67. Local Sports Day where everyone supports the local sports team!

68. Snack Day.

69. Denim Day.

70. Renaissance Fair Day.

71. Musical Theater Day.

72. Tourist Day.

73. Roaring 20’s Day.

74. Back to the Future Day.

75. Camo Day.

76. Paper Airplane Throwing Contest.

77. Funny Socks Day where everyone wears their silliest socks!

78. Celebrity Look-Alike Day.

79. 90’s Day where everyone dresses up like it’s the 1990s!

80. Ancient Rome Day.

81. Slack Channel Games Tournament.

82. Have a holiday luncheon. This is a great way to share a delicious meal around the dinner table with the student body or new friends.

83. Fashion Show Day.

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

Final Thoughts

There is always a new way to celebrate your office or school spirit week. After a week of celebrating and participating in fun activities, everyone is sure to be ready for Thanksgiving vacation.

The best part about celebrating spirit week leading up to the holiday season is that everyone will have so much fun while creating a sense of community, even if it is just on a subconscious level.

Whether you are planning your spirit week for middle schools or a student council, or you are looking for team-building activities for your office, we hope that these spirit week ideas for Thanksgiving are helpful!

What are your favorite spirit week ideas? Let us know in the comments!

spirit week ideas for thanksgiving

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