9 Can’t Miss Magical Spots at Disney Springs

It’s no secret that Disney has plenty of attractions in Florida. But what about the days you need a break from the madness of theme parks but still desire a little Disney magic? We introduce to you Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney). Located in Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando, Disney Springs is a 120-acre outdoor dining, shopping, and entertainment complex. Best of all? It requires no ticket or entrance fee. But what exactly are the hot spots you simply cannot pass up? Today we’re giving you all the details.

Here are 9 Can’t Miss Magical Spots at Disney Springs.

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1. Aerophile

Formerly known as ‘Characters in Flight’ this Disney landmark has become well known over the years. Soar the skies in an 8 minute adventure inside the world’s largest hand-painted hot air balloon (tethered, so don’t worry about sailing too far towards Neverland). This attraction is for people of all ages, so even the smallest Mousketeers can enjoy the experience.

2. World of Disney

If you only have time for one stop at Disney Springs, we recommend it be World of Disney. This 50,000 square foot store is the largest Disney store on Earth and will have everything and anything your heart desires. From ears to home goods, stuffed toys and collectibles, there isn’t an item you’ll want that’s impossible to find. Here, even the most hard to please customer will leave happy.

3. Art of Disney

No matter if you’re an art collector or simply enjoy browsing the finer things in life, this is the spot for you. You’ll enjoy browsing through the endless collections created by masters, ranging in price from high end to moderate, allowing even those on a budget to take home something special. Even if art isn’t your thing, we highly recommend checking this location out if for no other reason than to appreciate the craft.

4. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

For every young child longing to have their day as a princess, we bring you the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This salon is filled with 18 stations ready to transform children ages 3-12 into their storybook heroes. Depeding on the selected package, kids can choose out of three hairstyles, a new outfit, nail polish, accessories, and even a light splash of make-up. Trust us, when you walk out your kids will be ready to head straight to the ball.

5. Goofy’s Candy Company

In need of a sugar rush? We have the perfect place for you. Goofy’s Candy Company has treats for dreamers of every age, shape, and size. Satisfy your sweet tooth with endless options of sugary delacacies (as well as a section of sugar-free, for those so inclined). From taffy and fudge to sour candies and countless versions of every type of chocolate, there’s no possibility to leave unhappy. Not a sweets person? No problem. We highly recommend stopping by to check out the impressive displays regardless.

6. Disney Style

Who says you can’t be on-trend at Disney? This bouique offers the perfect opportunity to spice up your style with Disney pieces high and low. From hats on your head all the way down to flip flops on your feet, your every need can be covered at Disney Style. Be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal items to add to your wardrobe, and create the perfect piece to wow Mickey and the gang.

7. Disney’s Days of Christmas

For those who enjoy the jolliest time of the year, we bring you Disney’s Days of Christmas. Enjoy your fill of Disney stockings and countless ornaments (available to be hand painted and personalized) as well as train sets and other Disney collectibles. You’ll also find an endless supply of classic Christmas stories and films. Not planning your trip around the holiday season? No need to be a Grinch. This shop is open year round.

8. Disney Food Trucks

Because experiencing all of this magic can make you hungry! For something quick and casual, we recommend the Disney Food trucks. Ever-changing in options, you can stop by time and time again and never get tired of exploring new culinary delights. Our recommendations? A scoop of chocolate chip from Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet, and the barbeque brisket from Mac & Cheese. No matter what you choose, your palette will thank you.

9. Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories

When all is said and done and your time at Disney is over, you’ll need the right materials to keep the memories alive. Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories does just that. This shopping experience provides guests with an expansive collection of memorabilia. Whether it’s personalized ears, a photo album, or something as small as a trading pin, you’ll relive the magic of your adventures time and time again.

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And that’s our list! Tell us your favorite Disney Springs spots in the comments!

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