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9 Reasons to Join the Color Run Now

I’m sure pretty sure everyone on planet earth is familiar with The Color Run or at least will recognize  the photos of colorful, chalk-stained t-shirts and smiling faces. As the Color Run in Kansas City gets closer and closer, I am getting more and more excited and wanting everyone else to join with me, too! The great thing about this event is that it travels the country and the world, so it’s a universal event we can all enjoy!  Check out my reasons for why you should become a Color Runner, too.

Let’s be honest…You want to be covered in colors

This truthfully could not look any more fun than it does, right?! I want to pretend to be a child again, even if it only lasts a couple hours while I get colorful chalk thrown at my face.  Ever wanted to attend the Indian festival Holi? I’m checking it at the door because The Color Run is in town.

It is not a timed event

While I have run in the past, let’s just say I’m not in the best shape to be setting a new PR at The Color Run.  Thankfully, The Color Run is not timed at all. You can walk it if you so desire, which is most likely what I will be doing.  The Color Run is quite literally for anyone– 8-year-old kids to 80-year-olds grandmas, both have taken part in The Color Run. It also provides more time to goof off with my friends during the race. The only requirement to be a Color Runner? Wear white.

You instantly look cool

You’ve seen the selfies, the Instagrams and the videos. It’s like The Color Run gives you instantaneous swagger. You just can’t look dumb while covered in rainbow chalk, right?! This is definitely a huge incentive for me.

It is group-friendly

The Color Run welcomes groups to come in for added fun. You can get decked out and stick close to each other elbow to elbow during the race. No need to run alone!

2017 Foam-Zone

Each year The Color Run tour features a different theme and this one has got me PUMPED. Colorful chalk? Check. Friends? Check. FOAM ZONE? Check check check! The Color Run Dream Tour 2017 features a Foam Zone where you’ll be sudsed up with colorful foam.

You can shamelessly take as many selfies as you want

Flood your Instagram and bombard your Facebook, there’s no shame in The Color Run. Nuff’ said.

For a good cause

The whole idea of The Color Run is to promote healthiness, happiness and individuality, rightfully deeming them the “Happiest 5K on the Planet.”  While runners experience a day of fun and joy, great impacts are being made as The Color Run has partnered up with local, national and international charities, having raised a cumulative $5 million to date since 2012.

Dance Partayyy

At the end of the run there is a giant dance party that The Color Run team calls the Finish Festival.  There are props, a “runicorn”, photo-ops and music for you to rock out with.

Check it off your bucket list

I think everyone and their mom has this somewhere on their bucket list, so you may as well check it off now!  It comes to town once a year and now is as good of a time as ever!

Alright, everyone. We hope to see you at The Color Run and your funky photos of the race afterward. Here is the schedule of The Color Run tour for the rest of summer or visit the website for the full schedule. For the KC Color Run, registration closes soon so hurry up and grab your spot!

June 10 | Louisville, KY

June 11 | Boston, MA

June 17 | Kansas City, MO

June 17 | Hershey, PA

June 24 | Ypsilanti, MI

June 25 | Philadelphia, PA

July 8 | Des Moines, IA

July 9 | Twin Cities, MN

July 15 | Omaha, NE

July 22 | Columbus, OH

July 29 | Grand Rapids, MI

August 5 | Sacramento, CA

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.