9 Ways to Create A Functional & Stylish Bathroom

What matters most when creating or choosing the elements that make up your bathroom? Practicality, and how well it meets your needs should be concern number one, but how comfortable you feel in it, how safe and private it is, and how refreshing it is can all have a big impact on just how much you enjoy it as well. As such, we’re going to look at the tips you need to help create a bathroom that indulges all the senses.

Aim for a luxurious bathing experience

Not everyone is going to be willing to renovate or install a new bathroom but, if you are, then you should think about how you replace any old bath or showers.  Consider the space that you have available, how likely you are to use either bath, shower, or both, and how much space you need for extra additions. There are some highly impressive luxury baths out there that can offer you plenty of room to steep. However, if you’re like those who lose themselves beneath the repeating cascade of water that a Rain showerhead provides, then you might instead feel better replacing that big bath with a little more shower space that you could fit a seat into. Rain showerheads are also very relaxing and give you a luxurious bathing experience for less space than a bath – it’s well worth considering.  

Be careful with that clutter

The overall layout of the bathroom is likely to be dictated by what kind of bathing stations you want, and where the essentials such as the sink and toilet have to do. Though, how you make use of the remaining space will have more an important impact on how comfortable and welcoming that bathroom actually feels in the end. For that reason, consider carefully how much storage you’re going to need, and whether installing a little more can stop you from cluttering up your sink top and windowsills. You can shop vanities to provide an elegant but functional appeal to any bathroom. These can also maximize storage space efficiently, regardless of how big or small, or broad or pokey your bathroom is, without upsetting the delicate aesthetic balance you want to achieve. 

This is just one idea, though, and although it may not feel like it, you have plenty of options for organizing your bathroom clutter. In some cases, you just need to get creative. Making use of vertical space more than horizontal space is always a wise solution.  For instance, perhaps a storage basket would better fit underneath the sink rather than sitting out on its own. Or you can use wall hooks and racks to offer your bathroom more standing room, instead.

Make better use of your lighting

How many times have you been in a bathroom that feels like it’s very flatly or poorly lit? When you stand in the shower, does it feel like you’ve suddenly stepped into shadow? If that’s the case, then it’s likely because the bathroom is using one source of light alone. Discounting natural light, which isn’t as useful in the evening, a single overhead light fixture provides a lot of visibility, but it’s not the great at reaching every bit of the bathroom or at creating a relaxing atmosphere that you might want. Instead, consider looking at task lighting to make areas like the sink or mirror more visible, as well as accent lighting that can be added to the walls to layer the lighting in a way that’s warm and comfortable.

You can’t ignore your natural light, either

If the day is bright outside, then you shouldn’t need to use your synthetic lighting at all. However, many people will use tiny windows or big window treatments for the sake of their privacy, even if it cuts them off from the relaxing feeling of being bathed in natural light. There are ways to improve natural lighting in the bathroom while keeping your privacy at the same time, however. Sheer window treatments such as lace curtains are a good start but choosing the right glass its a much more effective solution in many cases. For instance, you can use frosted glass windows for not just the bathroom window but the shower window, as well, letting the light bounce much more freely throughout the room without worrying about what someone standing outside might see. 

Size matters when it comes to the mirror

A medium-sized bathroom mirror might be the practical solution, but the larger, the better, when it comes to creating a feeling of luxury. There is a range of different large bathroom mirrors, from contemporary square mirrors to more quirky circular additions. They’re great for bathrooms that are used by more than one at a same time, such as a couple’s ensuite as well. There’s nothing wrong with going a little extra where it can have such a nice impact.

The nose knows

We’re talking about indulging all of the senses, so we can’t simply think about how everything looks. When it comes to the bathroom, how things smell matters, as well. Bad smells will totally ruin the vibe, but it’s not always easy to displace them. Aside from making cleanliness a top concern, you should also consider a little aromatherapy. Room spray perfumes are much safer than candles, so you don’t need to worry about any window treatments or rugs going up in flames, and they also tend to last a much longer, making the scent consistent. Make sure that you take good care of your extractor fan so that it doesn’t get clogged, as it keeps the airflow going, which gets rid of bad odors all the sooner, too.

Invest in some presentation

As mentioned, practicality isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with, but you should be willing to add a little addition in style as well. The bathroom can have a unique aesthetic all on its own, and some easy ways to help drive that aesthetic home is in wall art. Make sure that if you choose wall art, it’s suitable for the bathroom, i.e. not likely to be poorly affected by moisture. Similarly, you can create a little spa area, choosing a gorgeous wicker basket to host all of your products like your soaps, shampoos, body oils, and so more. Keep it close to the shower or bath itself and it will feel like more like a spa rather than just look like it.

Don’t downplay the effectiveness of touch

A bathroom can feel very cold indeed without the softer touch to contrast the smoothness of tile and other hard materials. To make sure you get the tactile experience that helps create the most comfortable bathroom, then you should invest in high-quality rugs and bathmats that are comfortable, but also easy to clean, absorbent, and not likely to break down due to repeat exposure to moisture. A towel rack, with fresh towels ready and waiting when you come out of the shower, can make it a lot more comfortable as well. 

Keep it warm and cozy

Your towels are going to be a lot more refreshing if they’re nice and warm as soon as you come out of the shower. If you’re thinking about making big changes to the bathroom, then consider changing any radiators you have in there too. There are vertical radiators as well as horizontal ones, and some of them have rack areas that you can hang towels over. If you have a bigger budget, then you might want to consider going with under-floor heating, though you should expect to pay out the nose for an addition that’s quite that luxurious. Soft furnishings are a good addition to a bathroom because they help retain heat better than tile and porcelain, too.

Your bathroom can be a lot more than a practical space used for washing and taking care of business. It can be a bliss for all of your senses, a relaxing haven, and your very own spa experience in your own home. Just follow the tips above and you will get much more out of your bathroom than you ever have, before.

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  1. I’m so particular about my bathroom. I stay with my parents so I don’t have much of a say in the architectural design of my bathroom but I try to touch it up a bit. I got a foot rug for my bathroom and even though it requires extra care, it keeps the place warm and cozy. I also try to be careful with clutters because it takes the whole comfort out of the bathroom and honestly gets me uneasy. I try to not keep my cosmetics in the bathroom. If I have to use any of it in the bathroom, I make sure to return it to the shelf in the room afterwards.

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