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9 Ways To Help Mentally Pick Yourself Back Up After A Rough Time

This life isn’t exactly the easiest set of situations to navigate through – even during the best of times. We’re constantly being tested each day, and we face challenge after challenge in order to ensure we get what we want. Nothing is handed to us on a silver platter, unfortunately – even for those of us who have had a good upbringing. It’s always good to have challenges and something to work for every single, though, of course. We’re painting it out to be an issue all of the time. The struggles teach us a lot of lessons, strengthen us, and allow us to feel a sense of accomplishment when all is said and done.

Sometimes, however, our struggles can get the better of us. When things pile up and you have no way of dealing with them, it can be very hard to manage your stress and solve the problems in front of you. Some people are able to battle through everything stoically, but the majority of us can’t just put everything aside and continue plugging away. 

Fortunately, when things get on top of you, it’s actually pretty simple to get out of the negative slump. The actual practice of doing so may be tricky, but the actions you must take will not be too difficult to wrap your head around. If you need to pick yourself up mentally, then here are some things you can do: 

Talk About Your Problems

While you may feel instinctively like keeping everything bottled up, it’s actually good to open a little. This is because, while it may not feel like it, talking about your problems can half them almost immediately. When someone takes on your issues, you not only shift the burden, but you are given an extra perspective. You have people in your life that want to see you do well, so it’s good to let them know that you need a little help. 

This extends to professional help, too, just in case speaking with friends or family members isn’t enough. While they’ll do their level best to help you, sometimes you need a genuine expert with lots of experience on your side. A counselor or psychologist can do an awful lot of good in the long-run. They’ll be able to help you to understand why you’re thinking a certain way while giving you behavioral tips and tricks.

Recognize That Your Feelings Are Valid And That They Won’t Last

When you have it tough, it can be easy to be hard on yourself. You can start to think that you shouldn’t be upset and that you need to pick yourself up manually. Whatever you’re feeling, however, will be the right thing at the time. You should never feel guilty about it. Another excellent point to make is that the feelings are temporary and that you WILL get back to your normal, positive self. It always feels like you’ll be stuck in a terrible situation forever, but it just isn’t the case. Battling through the thoughts you have can be really difficult, but if you have a solid idea that you’re going to get better, then that’ll help you so much with everything you have in front of you. 

Keep Yourself Energized 

If you keep yourself energized with lots of food and water, then you’re going to be in a fantastic place going forward. When you don’t eat or take in enough water, your mind can start to play tricks on you. People often joke about being cranky, but it is genuinely a proven fact that a lack of nutrients will lead to a mental spiral in plenty of cases. It’s not just your body that needs food every single day; your brain will also have to be replenished. If you can keep restoring energy into your mind, then you’ll be in a much better place to deal with whatever is going on in your life.

Get The Right Amount Of Rest

Sometimes, you just need to relax a little. We’re going to talk about ways of keeping active and how that benefits your mind after a rough time, but resting will help out equally as much. Obviously, you won’t want to rest too much or you’ll become habitually lethargic. If you’re able to rest properly when things are going pretty poorly, then that’s something you can use to build on. Finding the right bed and being comfortable with your resting time matters a lot, too. So, be sure to check out reviews on puffy mattress and plenty of other kinds of beds out there because it can have a direct effect on how you feel. What suits one person may not suit you, so it’s a case of finding the right kind of feel. Once you’re comfy and you’re back getting the rest you require, your body and mind will be in a wonderful place to deal with your sticky patch. 

Think About What’s Going Well In Your Life Right Now

When things aren’t going great, it’s so easy to continue focusing on those issues. It’s then easy to focus on other problems you have. It’s a habit, and you sort of feel comfortable in the misery, strangely enough. It’s a weird concept but moving onto something a little less negative can make you feel awkward. Once you get into a habit, you’ll like to stay there – it’s how the brain works. 

Focus on the good things that are going on in your life right now and try to adopt a positive attitude. It might be difficult to do because you may feel as though everything is crumbling, but there will be lots of good points. Once you recognize the things you’re grateful for, you can begin to put things into perspective a little more. 

Go To Work On Yourself

This is quite the cliché in this day and age, but it’s a cliché for a reason. If you focus on building yourself up through this storm, then you’ll come out on the other side even stronger. You’ll come out with a wider perspective and a stronger mind anyway, but it always helps to boost yourself up further. Whether it’s your fitness, your diet, your career, or whatever you’d like to improve, make sure you’re working on it! You might not feel like doing much on some days, but there will be times where you want to get up and bother. Seriously, it’s a much better idea than sitting around and wasting your days away. 


At the end of the day, a lot of people don’t work out solely due to their physical being – they do it in order to boost their mental state, too. When you get a good workout in, you’re also doing your mental health a huge favor. Your brain releases endorphins and makes everything around you feel so good. Your long-term and short-term mental health gets a boost. If you’re not a big fan of sports or working out in general, then that’s understandable, but why not give exercising a go at the very least? 

Do Something To Keep Yourself Busy

Finally, we’ll talk about the idea of simply keeping your mind occupied with lots of different things – even if it’s a case of doing chores around the house, it’ll help you out. Just sitting around all day will make you overthinking and focus even more on the issues that are going on. You really are your own worst enemy and you have the ability to make things worse than they actually are. Our minds are creative things that like to play all kinds of tricks on us!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.