90+ Best Quotes from The Fablemans Movie

The Fablemans is a heartwarming and inspirational film about 16-year-old aspiring filmmaker Sammy Fabelman and his journey to follow his dreams. Starring Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, and Judd Hirsch, the film is packed with an amazing cast that will have you captivated from start to finish.

Be sure to watch The Fablemans, available in select theaters on November 11 and in theaters everywhere on Thanksgiving!

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from The Fablemans!

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90+ Best Quotes from The Fablemans Movie

1. “Your first movie ever!”

2. “Dreams are scary.”

3. “Movies are dreams darling, that you never forget.”

4. “What was your favorite part?”

5. “Ours is the dark house with no lights.”

6. “One more thing darling, let’s not tell your father.”

7. “Sorry I’m late, I picked up Mrs. Fableman. Where should I put her?”

8. “This tastes funny on a plastic fork.”

9. “I love Burt’s brain.”

10. “That was the greatest show on Earth.”

11. “Of course it’s safe, I’m your mother.”

12. “Everything happens for a reason.”

13. “Fake, totally fake.”

14. “She has got to cut those finger nails before she goes on live television.”

15. “Maybe GE should make rubber tips for fingernails.”

16. “If you get your license you can help with the driving.”

17. “$100 for a hobby?”

18. “I want to make movies.”

19. “California here you come!”

20. “I’ll never leave Arizona and Arizona will never leave me.”

21. “That last night when she dances in the headlights.”

22. “Family, art, it will tear you in two.”

23. “You talk too much…listen.”

24. “What she’s got in her heart, you got, I got, art.”

25. “Putting your head in a lion’s mouth is art?”

26. “Art is dangerous as a lion’s mouth, it’ll bite your head off.”

27. “It’s so beautiful what you make darling, you really see me.”

28. “So you want me to like act and stuff?”

29. “These guys, they are your family.”

30. “You decided, nobody else.”

31. “Cut!”

32. “Are you ever going to make a movie with girls again?”

33. “You laugh at everything even when nothing is funny.”

34. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

35. “I believe in your present from your Uncle Benny.”

36. “I’m happy for you, you know I am.”

37. “You stop making movies you will break your mother’s heart.”

38. “Everybody makes movies in California.”

39. “Keep the change.”

40. “Everybody gets their own room.”

41. “I never imagined any of that.”

42. “I’m mean to him, he buys me a dress…from Saks.”

43. “I’m gonna stay married to him.”

44. “For 8 hours a day, let’s be normal kids in a normal, ordinary school.

45. “It’s a volleyball, not a cannon.”

46. “Mom got a monkey.”

47. “It’s a rental house.”

48. “You ran away from home and tool all of us with you.”

49. “I started therapy.”

50. “Maybe we could get together and pray on it.”

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51. “Shrine to guys, lots of guys.”

52. “Tomorrow after school want to meet up back behind the bleachers?”

53. “It’s their own monkey business. It’s theirs, not ours.”

54. “If it belongs to itself, let it go back where it belongs.”

55. “It’s the scientist vs the artist.”

56. “It’s not your calling is that why you can’t support him?”

57. “He’s scared of shots, he’s scared of the doctor.”

58. “Is she gonna marry Benny?”

59. “Dad worships mom.”

60. “Maybe it’s hard being worshiped by someone you know you’ll never be as good as.”

61. “Before I show this to the whole school could you please watch this with me?”

62. “Hold your breath!”

63. “I thought maybe you should change your mind.”

64. “Get a refund I hardly wore it at all.”

65. “You’re such a fun boy to kiss but sometimes we just can’t fix things.”

66. “Lights, camera, action!”

67. “I have a monkey at home that’s smarter than you.”

68. “Is something about to happen?”

69. “You tell anyone about me getting upset that would be a mistake.”

70. “Unless I make a movie about it, which I’m never going to do.”

71. “In my head, everything’s already out of control.”

72. “Life’s nothing like the movies.”

73. “In the end, you got the girl.”

74. “I need you to say you’ll forgive me for that.”

75. “Without him, I’m turning into someone I don’t know.”

76. “You do what your heart says you have to because you don’t owe anyone your life, not even him.”

77. “Probably shouldn’t have asked her to marry me.”

78. “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

79. “My life is just going by so fast but it’s not getting anywhere.”

80. “We’re never not going to know each other, Sammy.”

81. “We’ve gone too far in our story to actually say the end.”

82. “When the horizons at the bottom it’s interesting when the horizons at the top it’s interesting, when the horizons in the middle it’s boring.”

83. “Movies are dreams doll, that you never forget doll.”

84. “Careful he doesn’t electrocute himself.”

85. “Let’s not tell your father, it’ll be our secret movie, just yours and mine.”

86. “Is she saving the silverware for when the Gisenhowers stop by?”

87. “There’s a tornado outside!”

“There’s a bigger one in here.”

88. “Faith. Totally faith.”

89. “Something’s not right, I don’t know what else to do.”

90. “We’re like junkies. Art is our drug.”

91. “Maybe a girl can save the day.”

92. “Guilt is a wasted emotion.”

93. “Let’s pray.”

94. “If she wants to, she will.”

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best quotes from The Fablemans! With amazing acting, music by five-time Academy Award® winner John Williams and costumes by two-time Oscar® winner Mark Bridges, this film is a must-see!

This Steven Spielberg film is available in select theaters on November 11 and in theaters everywhere on Thanksgiving!

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