90 Day Fiancé Season 4 Tell-All Episode Breakdown

Season Four of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was the most shocking and explosive season yet. This season’s Tell-All had two shocking firsts for the show: one couple featured on Before the 90 Days, Geoffry and Varya, were not invited AND this was the first at-home Tell-All, due to quarantine. Here is the scoop on the two-part Tell-All on TLC:

The couples:

Ash and Avery


First, The host of the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All, Shaun Robinson, revealed that Ash and Avery had broken up since the last episode of the show aired. Originally, they were supposed to be on the Tell-All together. When asked what happened, Avery admits that her feelings in the relationship were fading, causing her to want to take a break. Ultimately, Ash decided to end it for good. Ash said that he did not feel like he could be himself in the relationship. Avery said that she had trust issues with Ash from the beginning due to catching him being dishonest and inauthentic multiple times.


The final straw for Avery was when Ash did not follow a diet they were doing together. To her, it wasn’t about the diet, it was the fact that he lied about it. Ash says that his energy into the relationship was 110%. Ash even revealed to the camera that he had bought an engagement ring for Avery and had intended to give it to her in Australia. She did not know that he had planned to propose. Since they have split up, Avery is focusing on herself and moving forward.

Ed and Rose Tell All

Big Ed and Rose Marie are arguably the most shocking couple on the show. They’ve had many issues throughout their televised relationship. Their portion of the Tell-All started with Rose announcing the presence of her translator since she was too upset to speak English well. Rose started by saying that she felt very angry, upset, and emotional.

Ed and his daughter, Tiffany

She has chosen to be publicly quiet about the relationship until now. There was a lot of he said/he said arguments between the two of them. Ed says that he has FaceTimed Rose a couple of times since he has returned to the United States.

He said/She said…

Ed claims that Rose had reached out to him on Valentine’s Day looking for a second chance and a Valentine’s Day gift. He was ready to drop everything and restart the relationship. Rose heavily denies this, stating that she replies to Ed’s messages because she does not want to be rude.


After Ed said that Rose asked for him back, he revealed that since their breakup in the Philippines, Rose had a relationship with a woman. Rose said that it was true and that she began dating the woman to move on from Ed. After she broke up with her girlfriend, she says that Ed had reached out asking for a second chance.

Ed and his daughter…

Ed’s daughter Tiffany, joined the conversation and expressed how hurt she felt that her dad was willing to give up their relationship for Rose. She admitted that she could not support the age gap between Ed and Rose. Tiffany reveals that she did talk to her dad about what he did to Rose and told him what to do in the future.


Rose expresses to Tiffany that she truly loved Ed, but she dealt with the ugly side of his personality and his lies. She claims that she told Ed that they had issues and he responded by asking her to take off her clothes on camera for payment. Ed did admit he handled things wrong and genuinely apologized to Rose. He said it was “wrong in the ways he asked” in regard to the STD test. He did not intend to hurt her. Rose did not accept his apology because he always embarrassed her. Their portion ended with them both agreeing they can’t be friends.


When asked how Yolanda was doing, she explained her experience with a one-month coma in December. Her doctor thought it was an intense flu, but now the doctor thinks it might have been COVID-19. Yolanda says she met a new man named Williams on Instagram. He DM’d her and they started a relationship. Her daughter Karra saw red flags and tried to help her mom see the truth about Williams. Yolanda admits that Williams swayed her and said what she wanted to hear.


Karra hired a private investigator Scott Hunter to investigate Williams. He claimed that he saw red flags including: not being able to FaceTime, how long they have been talking, and the fact that she had never seen him. In the end, the private investigator pinned Williams location in Nigeria and claimed he had links to other Nigerian scammers.

Different opinions…

Usman chimed in, stating that Williams accent does not sound like any Nigerian tribe he has come across. He did not believe that Williams is Nigerian. Lisa chimed in as well, informing Yolanda about “yahoo boys”.

Erika and Stephanie Tell All


First, Stephanie started off their portion of the Tell-All by explaining that they are trying to maintain a friendship, but it’s hard due to their history. Then, they talked about miscommunications they had between them and Erika even revealed that the final straw in their relationship for her was when Stephanie threw a bowl. Stephanie didn’t feel like Erika learned enough about her or wanted to get to know her. There was a lot of arguing between Erika’s friend Jessica and Stephanie’s friend Heather. They decided they couldn’t be close friends.


Stephanie felt hurt, attacked, and invalidated by the internet due to rumors that she was not bisexual. She confirmed that she is bisexual and she did love Erika. She admitted that a lot of her insecurities came from her illness.

Darcey and Tom

The Tell-All was the first time Tom and Darcey spoke since their meeting in New York. They both admitted that there was a lack of communication in their relationship. Plus, Tom thought that he could not give as much of himself as Darcey wanted. Later, He claimed that he wanted to make things work though he had met someone else during Fashion Week in Milan and dated her for a short period of time.


Tom revealed that he currently has feelings for Darcey and is confused. However, he did not tell Darcey about the women he started dating- Shannon- but Darcey thinks he should have. Tom apologized to Darcey for his weight gain comment in New York and Darcey broke the tension by showing off her “revenge body”.

Lies were revealed…

Tom and Shannon are no longer together, but she wrote a note to Shaun Robinson to tell her side. Later, Shannon claimed that Tom said that he was single, Darcey was in a relationship with another man, and they were officially over. Shannon wished them both the best. Darcey says that she just wanted the truth. Tom and Darcey are no longer friends.


During Tom’s portion of the Tell-All, he said that he was not willing to talk with Avery at present. Tom hung up the call to take a smoke break. In that time, Avery explained that Tom had messaged her a few days after Avery and Ash broke up and started flirting with her. He wanted to go on a date. Additionally, Avery agreed to spend time with him but did not want to date him.

Even more drama…

Ash found out and lied to Avery, claiming that Tom had sent screenshots of their chat showing they were going on a date. Tom rejoined the call and admitted to trying to date Avery. He said that he did not send Ash screenshots. However, it was revealed that Tom also asked out Stephanie after she broke up with Erika.

Usman and Lisa Tell All


Lisa started off by saying that her wedding to Usman in Nigeria was a fairy-tale wedding. However, Shaun Robinson revealed that since their Nigerian wedding, they have gotten into fights and had blocked each other on social media a few times. She exclaims that Usman can be controlling and that he sometimes blocks her. Lisa claims that they did not use one another. Lisa had an issue with an alleged porn star messaging Usman, but he claimed that he must reply to his fans and keep them happy.


Later, Usman said that if Lisa cannot give birth due to her age, he will add another wife to their family to have a child. He is insistent that he will do this for a child. Lisa joked that if Usman can have four wives, she will have three husbands. Ultimately, Usman admitted that he has no intention to live in the United States, which confused fans because up to this point, he has been constantly pushing to come to the United States. Lisa claims that the relationship will proceed from here.

David and Lana

As their portion of the Tell-All started, David said he does not think that Lana will join the call and she never did. David admitted that he has not talked to Lana in six days. They had not spoken on the phone (she does not speak English), and she does not want to talk about the wedding. Lana, apparently, is still on all of the dating websites. David claimed that he knows she is not scamming him and the people on the sites are her “friends”.


David revealed that over the years he has visited Ukraine to meet women twenty plus times and has spent around $300,000 doing so. He says that Lana does not use the iPhone he bought her because she is not comfortable using it and her nails are too long. She claimed she wants them to get a computer in order to talk regularly. Caesar, from season three, who dated a Ukrainian woman on a similar site, joined the call to talk to David.


Caesar thought that Lana should have left the websites for David. Shockingly, David revealed that he has spoken to the woman Caesar dated for thirty-minutes. David had talked to over a thousand Russian women on the website over the years! Though Lana and David aren’t together right now, David claims they are still engaged. David remains positive that Lana and he will be together again soon.


90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season four was the most shocking and popular season of the show to date. This two-part Tell-All on TLC was very revealing and shocking. There will be a The Couples Tell More special coming up. Come back for the final scoop on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season four.

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