A Guide To Thrifting: Reusing Thrifted Apparel

When it comes to thrifting, it can be very overwhelming. I have found myself walking into multiple thrift stores and not even knowing where to begin. Racks and racks of clothing, and unbeatable prices. I always struggle with how to style the selection and ways to revamp my closet.


Some tips I found throughout my time thrifting include looking through the men’s and children’s section, picking out the colors you’re looking for before going, and learning how to DIY apparel. 

When talking about the men’s section, a great tip is to look in the men’s T-shirts. This will be your best bet for that oversize T-shirt look that we all want. It’s a comfortable style, but also extremely trendy. You can pair these with biker shorts, sweatpants, and especially jeans.

What To Thrift

A lot of the shirts that you will find have great graphics on them and can really up your wardrobe, and have people thinking you bought them at Urban Outfitters. Another tip is to look in the men’s section for jeans.

Men tend to have a large selection of Levi jeans and you can get them in all sorts of sizes. If you can’t find jeans in the men’s section, I usually move on over to the boy’s section.

When looking at those jeans, I would suggest going in the larger sizes and either revamping them into high waisted shorts or cutting the bottoms and distressing the material.

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The Ladies Section

Overall the women’s section tends to be very good at thrift stores. One thing many struggle with is that it’s very overwhelming. When going into the thrift store I try to pick out a few colors that I want in my closet. Whether that’s blue, yellow, or some fresh white T-shirts.

This will help the overwhelming aspect decrease a lot. You can find several camisoles and tanks that could be cropped or cut into new styles. When trying to find inspiration, you can look at stores such as Walmart and Target and find ways to make your current finds revamped into what you’re looking for. You will look and feel like a hip Pinterest board. 

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Best Thing About Thrifting

One of my favorite parts about thrifting is coming home with all of the new apparel and being able to revamp it. DIY can be such an essential when it comes to thrifting.

Normally I take my men’s jeans and I cut them into high waisted shorts for the summertime. Or I take men’s outerwear and layer it for a great winter vibe. You can cut any of your jeans, or crop tops very simply and I highly suggest using fabric scissors for this. You can find those at any local craft store normally under $15. Trust me it’ll help you immensely!

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Things To Remember

All of these tips have helped me so much and I have shared these with many people, and I’m excited to bring them forward to you. There are so many simple ways to make an inexpensive wardrobe look like the perfect high-quality street style with these ideas. I have attached some of my favorite thrift ideas and ways to revamp any style below!

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