A Weekend In Amsterdam: Tips For The Solo Traveler

There are many wonderful and attractive places to visit around Europe, from a luxury stay in London to a weekend in Paris. Fantastic places, all. However, for many solo travelers, Amsterdam is a popular destination. With its artistic heritage, party lifestyle, and friendly atmosphere, there is much on offer for those looking for a weekend break away from familiar surroundings. Still, if you are travelling alone, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe, but there is still the threat of pickpockets. This is especially true when you visit the city during major events, such as Amsterdam Pride and King’s Day. To avoid the chances of getting pickpocketed, follow these simple tips to keep your valuable items safe.
  • Hire a bike from one of the many bike stores. This will help you navigate the narrow streets easier than a car, and with so much to see and do – check out Thingstodoinamsterdam.com – two wheels are far more efficient. This saves on public transport costs too, which can be one expense you want to avoid if you have a limited budget during your stay. Still, if you do hop on the train, you can always take your bike with you, helping you get from A to B wherever you are in the city. Alternatively, take to the canals, and enjoy the scenic route on a canal taxi.
  • We advise you to carry as little luggage as possible. This is for one simple reason: many hotels in the city centre are located at the foot of very steep stairs. It’s going to be a steep and difficult climb if you come overladen with baggage, so try and carry the bare minimum for your sake. The same applies when you’re strolling around the city. Travel light, as many cafes, toilets, and historical buildings require a heavy jaunt to reach them.
  • Book museum tickets online. No matter what day of the week (or time of year) you visit, there are some horrendous queues to endure if you choose to visit the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank’s house. By booking online – or by purchasing the iAmsterdam card) – you can avoid these lines altogether and merrily skip past the waiting tourists to get to Amsterdam’s best attractions sooner.
  • Beware of coffeeshops! Why? Because a coffeeshop in Amsterdam is not the same as a cafe. Yes, they may serve beverages, but their primary purpose is to sell cannabis. This is legal in Amsterdam, of course, but if you don’t approve or don’t want to partake of the substance, your better bet is to look for a cafe if all you want is a cup of coffee and a tasty pastry.
  • Don’t spend all your time alone. Traveling solo can be lonely, but you don’t have to be. The locals have English as a second language, and they are very accommodating of UK tourists. There are also plenty of places to hang out with people from your own country, with meet-ups organized online for those looking for a little bit of social interaction from their stay.

We hope our advice helped. Of course, the same still applies if you are traveling with others, but if you are going it alone, remember to stay safe, and have fun!


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