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3 Things to Add to Your Kitchen When You Update

I have a little game I like to play when I’m bored. It’s called ‘if I could redesign’ and it’s all about picking a room in my home and considering what I would do with it if time and money were no object. Now, you might think this is just a frivolous flight of fancy (it’s not BTW – it’s seriously fun), but it can actually, give you some ideas that can be scaled down to work in your current home or on your current budget. With that in mind, to find out what why dream kitchen design would look like, read on.

Bold and bright

The color scheme is the first thing to think about when designing a kitchen, and for my dream room, it would have to be bright, light, and bold. What that means is using a combination of white to maximize light in the room, with another bold accent color.

Red can work well, and yellow can too, as it can give a kitchen a modern vibe. You can also get high gloss cabinet in these colors as well. Something that gives you the option of creating a solid wall of color, or going for a more eclectic modern art feel, with a range of colors across the different doors.

Go with the flow

Another major aspect of my kitchen that I would change is the how it is arranged. This is something that they pay a lot of attention to in professional kitchens, and the layout there reflects the flow of work that happens in each area.

What this means is that by moving the position of the sink, appliances, and work surfaces you can create a more spacious kitchen, that is designed perfectly for the order in which you do things. Something that can make it easier to keep clean and even mean that it is less tiring to work in because you are not walking unnecessary steps to get from the fridge to the preparation area, or the cooker to the serving area.

Of course, for this to happen in most kitchens, you will need to find a professional plumbing service company to rearrange the water inlets in your kitchen. Otherwise, it may be impossible to move things such as the sink and appliances that need water such as the freezer and refrigerator, limiting your new design possibilities.

Fabulous floors

Last of all, if I could redesign my kitchen what I’d like to do is install a fantastic floor. For me, this would be a natural stone or slate floor that looks great but is also easy to clean and keep in good condition in the busy environment of a kitchen.

I’d also add a little luxury to my life and install underfloor heating as well. Then if I wanted to get up in the middle of the night and grab a glass of water, or cook breakfast first thing in the morning without any slippers, I wouldn’t have to worry about my feet getting cold. Now, that’s a dream kitchen design feature I could really get behind!

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Zhong Pill

Thursday 25th of June 2020

Good tips!

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