After Sun Skincare Staples

Hours of sitting in the sun can really damage your skin. After being in the heat all day, you need to replenish your skin of moisture and nutrients. The sun often dries out your skin, and sometimes causes sunburn which is the worst. Here are after sun skincare staples that will get your skin back to looking moisturized and glowing from the inside out.

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The aloe plant is the number one fix to a sunburn or dried out sun kissed skin. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory so it will work to reduce the swelling and redness of sunburn. You can purchase numerous lotions or gels with aloe infused in them already, but I suggest having an aloe plant for your house as well, which you can just cut a leaf off when you need some skin soothing. You can purchase a small aloe plant at any greenhouse for under $10, and they are easy plants to care for. Also, aloe plants are natural air purifiers so in addition to being beautiful, they work to improve air quality and remove toxins.

After Sun Spray

Immediately after I get in from being in the sun, I like to spray over my body with this after sun skin mist. This acts as an immediately relief to the feeling of dried out skin from the sun. It cools and smooths on the spot.


After you use aloe to cool your sunburn, I recommend applying a thicker moisturizer than you would normally use to that your skin can replenish the moisture it lost. The sun dries out your skin, so to get it back to glowing you want to continue to moisturize it more often for the week following being in the sun a lot.

Sugar Body Scrub

A few days after the sting and redness from the sunburn goes away, use a sugar body scrub. Often after sunburn or a lot of time in the sun there is more dead skin needing to peel off. A natural sugar scrub in the shower will exfoliate the skin and get rid of that dry outer layer. This is a needed after sun skincare staple.

Dry Brush

The worst part of too much time in the sun is when your skin peels. It can create a patchy look and it is hard to get the peeling to happen all at once. If you notice that peeling is happening in a certain area it may be helpful to use a dry brush before getting in the shower. Use this in circular motions to break up dead skin and stimulate the growth of new skin.

Face Mask

The skin on your face is often more sensitive, so make sure you are taking good care of it after being in direct sunlight. I recommend using a face mask made of honey or aloe to give the face needed nutrients and water back. This is a great after sun skincare staple.

Summer is full of time in the sun, which is needed. Just make sure you are taking care of your skin after being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Your skin will thank you.

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