Aldi Find: Veggie Spirals – A Healthy Twist on Your Favorite Pasta Dish

I love pasta. I could eat it every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rigatoni in vodka sauce, carbonara, and pasta with Alfredo sauce are some of my favorites and that’s just the first ones that came to mind. Sometimes though, I know my body needs a break from all the carbs that come along with eating pasta. These new Season’s Choice Veggie Spirals are the perfect alternative to your favorite carby dish.

Zuchinni and Carrot Spirals

These Veggie Spirals come in two different vegetables; carrot and zucchini. These are super easy to prepare and they don’t have a ton of flavor, so it won’t throw off the taste of any sauces or spices you may want to use when cooking them!

Aldi Veggie Sprials

These make for the perfect healthy dish. Since it’s literally just a spiraled vegetable, you are getting all those good nutrients your body needs to fuel itself. They’re low in overall calories, but also low in carbs, fat, and sugars which you might find in those really dense carbs. The product is also minimally processed and has been frozen at its freshest state which is great!

These are also a perfect pasta alternative for anyone who might be trying a keto diet. Add your favorite sauce and sides to these veggie spirals and you’ll be perfectly satisfied without breaking your diet rules.

Aldi Veggie Spirals

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only use these as a replacement for traditional pasta recipes, there are plenty of other ways to utilize these veggie spirals! You can also use these in Asian dishes. Add some other veggies, spicy tofu, and peanut sauce, and you have yourself a delicious, healthy, Asian-inspired dish.

Find these at Aldi!

Next time you’re in Aldi, pick some of these up to add a healthy twist to your favorite meals!

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