Aldi Sells KETO Ice Cream and It Tastes Amazing

If you’ve read any food or nutrition blogs within the last year or so, you’ve probably heard of the keto diet. It’s a high-fat low-carb diet that ultimately forces the body to burn fat rather than carbs. It’s highly popular for people who are interested in losing weight, reducing acne, or just people who are interested in trying it. And there’s now good news-Aldi sells KETO ice cream!

Mint chocolate chip keto ice cream

Many brands try to acclimate to the changing diet trends by putting out products to accommodate those diets. Aldi is one of the stores that’s great at doing that! They just stocked up on some Sundae Shoppe Keto Ice Cream in 3 delicious flavors; Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Fudge (YUM)!

Aldi KETO Ice Cream

You can get a pint of this creamy keto deliciousness for just $3.99 at your local Aldi! This ice cream is a great alternative to the real stuff for anyone focusing on a keto diet right now or anyone who just wants to taste it!

KETO ice cream nutrition label

The ice cream has 3 servings per container, with less than 20 grams of carbs per serving! Perfect for anyone trying keto, or looking for a low carb, low sugar treat. As of right now, we were only able to find 3 flavors. But we’d love to see the Sundae Shop release more flavors!

Peanut butter fudge and cookie dough keto ice cream

This ice cream really does taste sooooo good! Make sure to stop by your local Aldi to grab this sweet treat while you can.

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