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Alex Quijano Gives The Scoop On His Career Plans Before Acting, HSMTMTS + Working Alongside Joshua Bassett

Alex Quijano has been acting for many years and has played many roles that audiences adore. Starring in sit-coms like Fresh Off The Boat and One Day At A Time, Alex knows how to make people laugh. He has be seen in episodes of Lucifer and Netflix’s Space Force. His ongoing role, drawing in many adoring fans, is that of Mike Bowen. You will know this character as the father of Ricky Bowen (Joshua Bassett) on Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Check out the full episode below.

Road To Acting + Advice

Alex Quijano told us about his unconventional road to being a full-time actor and the plans he initially had for his life before discovering his passion for performing. Alex is a fun-loving guy with a ridiculous amount of talent and an equally impressive quarantine beard. Additionally, he graciously gave practical advice to hopeful young actors who want to pursue their dreams and encouraged people to understand the business side of the entertainment industry. Alex laughs about the joys of being on a music-filled set with musically-inclined co-stars, since he himself cannot sing!

Playing Mike Bowen On HSMTMTS

When asked about working on HSMTMTS, Alex gushed about his co-stars and the pride he felt watching his television son, Joshua Bassett, perform. He gave us the inside scoop on working with Josh, who became a teen heartthrob overnight after the release of the show and complimented how professional and kind the entire cast of young actors is.

Alex’s character Mike is a father who is trying to raise a son on his own, in the wake of his separation from his wife of 20+ years. Later, Alex praised Tim Federle for his storytelling abilities that shine through in HSMTMTS and talked about playing a character that was trying to find love again in the realities of modern technology/dating. One thing is for sure, Alex plays the role perfectly and fans adore Mike!

Season 2

He’s tight-lipped about what to expect from Season 2 of the show (which had to shut down production for the time being), but he teased that fans would see more of his and Kate Reinders’ characters together. Alex Quijano is a total sweetheart and though he has a profound gift for performing, he’s totally down-to-earth. It was lovely having him as a guest on the Sarah Scoop Show! We hope to hear from him soon! Also, don’t forget to watch him in Space Force and Lucifer this summer. And of course, if you need something new to binge- we definitely recommend HSMTMTS!

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