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Alternative Nights Out to Consider

When it comes to organzing nights out with friends, many of us end up doing the same old same old each weekend. We meet up for pre-drinks while we get ready and catch up, then take the town’s biggest and best bars and clubs. While this is fun, we are often left feeling worn out and a little worse for wear the next day, so it might not be what you want to do every single weekend. Instead, why not consider some of these alternative nights out? They could suit you down to a tee!

Gigs and Concerts

We listen to music a whole lot more than we may initially realize. Think about it. We turn on playlists of our favourite artists and genres at pretty much any given moment – in the shower, while we’re getting ready to go out, on public transport or in our car… We live our lives to soundtracks of our own making. So why not make a night out of music itself? Gigs and concerts are some of the best ways to hear the acts you love around other people who have the exact same taste as you.

This results in a buzzing atmosphere that will leave you feeling thrilled. Live music shows are also a great way to find new and upcoming artists who you may have never heard of before, whether you head in early to catch the support act or go to an open mic night. For large scale events, always make sure to use reliable ticket sellers or sources such as TicketOffices. Chances are that the tickets aren’t going to come cheap, so you want to ensure that they are the real deal and will be legitimate and accepted on the door. For smaller scale events, you can generally turn up and pay on the door, as they don’t draw as large crowds.


Chances are that you haven’t pulled on a pair of rollerskates since your childhood. But believe us when we say that roller discos are some of the most fun nights out there. They’re relatively rare to come by, but if you see a night advertised in your local area, make sure to secure your tickets or add yourself to the guest list. What’s more fun than mucking about with friends to great music in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere?

It may well have been years since you moved about on wheels, but you’ll take to the skill like a duck to water if you’ve already mastered it in the past. If this is the first time you try skating, we might suggest taking things slow to start with, as you find your feet. Don’t worry, you’ll get past the Bambi on Ice style movements by the end of the evening!

These are just two options out of many that you could try out. Remember that there are all sorts of venues and events out there vying for your custom and attention, so try to break out of the habit of heading to the same old places and dare to try something new!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.