On Set Interview with Ant-Man and The Wasp Star Paul Rudd

by Sarah Ruhlman

While I was on the set of Ant Man and the Wasp we got the chance to interview Mr. Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd.  Being a Kansas City girl you know I was beyond excited for this one. I’ve had the chance to meet Paul Rudd before and every time I am amazed at how humble he is…must be those KC roots. 😉 

We got the chance to talk with him about Ant-Man and the Wasp.  First off, we wanted to get the details about the ending. He explains what Scott Lang is doing when Ant-Man and The Wasp begins! The movie takes place after Captain America: Civil War and Scott are under house arrest when the movie picks up. He doesn’t think the superhero life is for him anymore and wants to focus on being a good parent to his daughter, Cassie.

Rudd explains how Scott doesn’t think the superhero life is for him, and how he wants to focus on holding down a normal job for Cassie by joining a security company run by ex-criminals. However, Rudd says with a laugh, “Of course, he gets brought back into the superhero wold anyway”.

All About Balance

Rudd told us this movie is a lot more than just a superhero film! He described how this movie captures the struggle almost every parent has, trying to find a happy medium between being there for your kids and having a job. Obviously, most parents jobs aren’t fighting bad guys as Ant-Man but it’s not that different!

The Costume

The Ant-Man suit has changed a little from the first film! Because of the technology, the Ant-Man costume is a little more updated and is able to change sizes more easily.

Rudd confessed, “the last costume looked like it was built in the 80s” so he welcomed a new modern change to the look.

Rudd did mention that the suit was not always the most comfortable, however, he liked how if you look like a superhero, you feel like a superhero!

Movie Magic

This movie plays around with size and scale more than ever. The preview even shows how Ant-Man was able to grow to 65 feet. When asked if the constant change in the environment affected his acting ability, Rudd was quick to say it doesn’t, but he loves to see the final product and is always impressed how the movie turns out.

He also adds the fighting scenes feel funny before the special effects! Sometimes acting in front of the green screen makes him feel a little ridiculous…I couldn’t help but laugh!

“I am a grown man riding around on an ant!”. – Paul Rudd

The Cast

The cast of Ant-Man and The Wasp is mostly the same as the first film, but there are a few newcomers. Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas return as Hope Van Dyne (The Wasp) and Hank Pym, wanting help from Scott to find Janet! The new villain is Ghost (played by Hannah John-Kamen), who was previously on Black Mirror. Rudd says the cast is very close and works well together. When asked if the actors ever veered away from the script,  Rudd says “it depends who you’re working with, but mostly they stick to the writers’ great script!”

Ant-Man In Theaters

Make sure to take a look at the teaser trailer and follow along with me on my upcoming trip to see the movie and how it came together! Along with more cast interviews!

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP arrives in theaters everywhere on July 6th!

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