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Apple TV+ ‘Greyhound’ Review

Follow Tom Hanks through World War II at Sea


On July 10th, Apple TV+ dropped Greyhound, a film directed by Aaron Schneider and written by Tom Hanks. It is 1941 America, which begins our involvement in World War II.

The story begins on the seas of the Atlantic, a very different battle than on land.

What is it About?

Commander Ernest Krause (Hanks) is moving American troops and equipment by water on the USS Keeling. The ship is also called the Greyhound, a nickname used for radio calls.

Krause sets forth across the Atlantic, entirely vulnerable to the German U-boats. Krause and his men have to wait for sickeningly long periods for the next attack. They never really know what is in the dark waters below them. This was the Battle of the Atlantic.

For a film that mostly takes place on the water, while on the same boat, it is gripping like any other war packed film. When watching, you cringe as the U-boat torpedo’s narrowly miss the Greyhound. Viewers feel the need to pray alongside Krause, hoping for a safe return while keeping as many men alive as possible.

It also doesn’t take long for the mayhem for the begin. Early on, an enemy hacks the ships radio and cruelly taunts the men. They play with the idea of their possible imminent death. “We watch your ships sink into the deep. We hear the screams of your comrades as they die. The Grey Wolf is so very hungry.”

After that, the men quickly turn off the radio but the taunts ring through their heads. This is the same as well for the viewers. You soon begin to wonder, will they make it out alive, or will they get eaten alive in the Atlantic? The sonar and radars work somedays and on others they are malfunctioning. The faces of the crew, all young men, hiding their fear. Yet one can only feel for the young ones, knowing they barely just started their adult lives and now they are being thrown into the mouth of the beast.

Should You Watch It?

Furthermore, when looking at Tom Hanks’ filmography, it is safe to say he is no stranger to historical pieces. This can be seen with films under his belt such as Saving Private Ryan, Sully and Captain Phillips, all films that present Hanks in a commanding role.

Greyhound is not just a war movie. It is about the longing, protection, sacrifice and the realization that a war has just begun. Additionally, Krause has a woman he loves back home, played by Elisabeth Shue. He prays and longs to return safely to her, and that bleeds through the screen into the viewers hearts.

The film is simple yet moving. Sit down and be prepared to watch what it means to fight and protect for the sake of a nation.

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