Apps To Make You More Productive #VZWBuzz

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, (I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided, nor did I promise a positive feedback) all opinions are my own.

How many of you are so ready to be done by 4:00pm, but know that the end of everyone else’s work day doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your work day?  I rely on so many apps to help me #GSD throughout the day. I can’t even imagine how I got things done before my smartphone.  Can you remember the days of car phones and beepers?!  What?!?!?!

Instagram and other Social Media AppsHere are 5 apps that help me #GetShitDone throughout my crazy busy day:

1. ToDoist: I am the social media guru, event planner, website manager, community relations do-er at my job and I love it!  I have a lot of tasks to do each day and this is how my boss and I make sure we I am staying on task.

2. Pomodoro: Because I’m on social media for a part of the day, I have to manage my time effectively, otherwise I could get lost on the internet all day.  This app gives me a five minute break every 25 minutes that I do work.  Heck yes!  How awesome is that?!  I can power through and then reward myself with a break throughout the day.

3. Hootsuite: Because I manage the social media for the organization I work for it is imperative that I am able to schedule posts about all of the awesome stuff we’re doing around the office.  I want to make sure we have a presence even though I’m not next to my desktop.  When I’m away from the office, I know I can still keep an eye on everything that is going on on the inter webs.  Who doesn’t love an app that can help you automate ev-ry-thing?

4. Spotify: If you are one of the lucky ones who can work in complete silence, more power to you.  I totally could not.  I love Spotify’s desktop program because I can play any kind of playlist I want. From playlists that keep me focused, to music that keeps me stress free.  I also use it to make killer playlists to keep me in the groove for my workouts!

5. DropBox: I love this app!  I am on a working board for a young professionals networking organization and we have a lot of documents to keep track of – from event forms to future meeting dates.  It’s a great place to make sure we have everything we need at our fingertips!

Do you have other apps that keep you productive?  Let me hear it!  I love finding ways to improve my productivity and #GetThingsDone!

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