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Are Becca & Blake The Newest Bachelor Couple?

Blake Horstmann recently welcomed guest Becca Kufrin on his podcast, Behind The Rose and the sparks were flying causing much speculation to listeners wondering if there is a new couple from Bachelor Nation?

Kufrin, left season 14 with fiance Garrett Yrigoyen while Horstmann went on to get caught up in the drama of multiple women on Bachelor in Paradise.

It has been almost three years and timing is everything. Both appear to be single and if this podcast episode is any indication of their chemistry… it is on fire.


The Feelings Are Still There

Becca Kufrin explained on the episode that the feelings from her time on the show are still very real. “You form really weird, strong bonds with people on the show and like that didn’t just go away overnight. It’s not like I ended things and was like, ‘OK bye, I don’t care anymore.’”

She goes on to explain, “For a lot of my exes, there are ones that I still have such a soft spot in my heart and empathy for what you’ve been through. For your time on my season with me, and all that you gave me. It’s not like a light switch you turn on and off.”

Horstmann responded letting her know how much he valued her as the lead of the show. “That’s why you’re the best Bachelorette. That’s why you’re the best. You’re the best Bachelorette, Becca.”

It was clear Kufrin was appreciative on the compliment but also perhaps a little nervious, “Oh my God, now I’m getting hot and sweaty…Maybe it’s the wine, I don’t know.”

Playful Flirting

Kufrin and Horstmann also brought up an ongoing debate they have about a popular backyard game and the correct name for it. They each have their own opinions if its called “Cornhole” or “Bags.”

Kufrin went on and insisted it was called “Bags”. She even took to instagram for the support of her followers who also agreed the game is “bags.”

This support would results in an agreement that the two go on a destruction date, but on the other hand Horstmann did the same and if got more support for “cornhole” their date would be horeseback riding.


Reunion Date In The Future

The winner, “cornhole”. While Becca didn’t agree she did agree on the date she took to instagram to share, “Alright, even though I will still die on the hill that it’s called ‘Bags’ and not ‘Cornhole,’ a gentleman always pays his debts.”

She went on to ask for plans from Horstmann. “So [Blake] how are we going to do this? I owe you a horseback ride, apparently.”

It seems like all things point to these two reuniting for a horseback ride in the future.

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