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35+ Argylle Movie Quotes from the Spy Thriller

Are you here to see if the Argylle movie is worth watching with their quotes?

With a star-studded cast featuring Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard, John Cena, and Samuel Jackson, Argylle introduces an exciting twist to a comedic thriller.

Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a bestselling author and is known for her novels revolving around the fictional character, secret agent, Argylle.

However, Elly finds herself caught up in a situation when the plots of her books start to happen in real life.

Here’s the scoop on Argylle movie quotes!

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Funny Quotes from Argylle That Will Make You Watch the Movie

  1. “You and I, we’re not so different.”
  2. I certainly hope you dance as well as you dress.”
  3. “It’s called a cliffhanger, Mother.”
  4. “He’d be fine. Cat ladies always die alone and cats figure it out.”
  5. “Real life spies.
  6. “God, I hate that cat.”
  7. Because you’re a goddamn fortune teller.”
  8. “I am not a cat lady. I’m not. And what’s your problem with my cat exactly? He’s really cute. He’s cuddly and loyal.”
  9. “Who’s the weirdo now?”
  10. “Oh, my God. You’re Elly freaking Conway. I am such a fan!”
  11. “You’re a terrorist.”
  12. “Once you discovered the secret, don’t let the cat out of the bag.”
  13. I love this book!”
  14. “Oh, please. You suddenly drop dead, that cat’s chewing your ears off within forty-eight hours max.
  15. “What you wrote in your new book actually happened, and you kicked a hornet’s nest you didn’t even know existed.”
  16. “Oh, so now you’re experimenting with drugs.”
  17. “It’s time for you to meet the real agent Argylle.”
  18. “I want all assets on them now. I need her to write the next chapter.”
  19. “Why would they care about me?”
  20. “Who are these people?”
  21. “Had to bring the cat.”
  22. “Which with you around, gets more likely by the minute.”
  23. “See? I was telling the truth.”
  24. I got everything under control.
  25. “Espionage.”
  26. “Elly, it’s called a cop out.”
  27. “The book is phenomenal, sweetie. But what happens next?”
  28. “Then what, Agent Argylle, does that make you?”
  29. “You don’t answer, you’re going to be the same temperature as my coffee right now. Which thanks to you, is ice cold.”
  30. “A little help?”
  31. “There’s only one way to find out.”
  32. “Oh yeah? What is it you do?”
  33. “What did you expect me to do? Leave him to fend for himself? Come on!”
  34. “I’m in some really big trouble, Mom.”
  35. “Hold on.”
  36. “Whoa, hey! There’s a cat in here.”
  37. “Would sign my book?”
  38. “Here we go.”
  39. “Oh, my God.”

While the concept of characters and storylines from books coming to life has been introduced into a number of movies, Argylle offers a refreshing perspective with just enough hilarious and thrilling scenes that it doesn’t seem unbearable to watch.

Watch in Theaters February 2nd! Keep on the look out for the release on Apple TV+!

Exhilarating movie quotes from Argylle, a thrilling spy thriller.

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