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5 Emotional Books To Read That Will Change You

Summer is a great time to read some exceptionally meaningful and emotional books. Get the Scoop on 5 of the most moving books.

Baked coffee cake

Best Homemade Classic Coffee Cake

Calling all coffee lovers! This easy and delicious coffee cake is beautiful and can served without frosting, making it the perfect dessert!

Nature Journaling Hobby

Seven Hobbies to Take Up This Summer

There’s only half of summer left, so let’s make the most of it! Find some inspiration with our pick of 7 hobbies to take up this summer!

A Quiet Place Cast

5 Movie Sequels to Look Out for in 2020 and 2021

With so many movies delayed, it may be hard to recall which movies are getting sequels. Join us as we recount 5 anticipated movie sequels releasing soon!

Before vs. After of Snapseed Edit

5 of the Best Free Photo Editing Apps

With so many photo editing apps available on the market, how does one choose which app to edit all their images with? Get the scoop on the top free editing apps!

Cast of New Girl

5 Reasons To Binge New Girl Now

New Girl is a hilarious comedy with truly amazing characters. Get the scoop here on why you should start binge-watching New Girl now!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 1

8 Underrated Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video hosts so many underrated shows that need more recognition! Join us as we list 8 of these shows that you should watch now.


Refreshing Lemon Loaf Recipe

This lemon loaf recipe is sure to satisfy your love of all things lemon with its refreshing taste and strong lemon flavor. Check out this delicious recipe!


Easy Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

This mini chocolate bundt cake recipe is perfect for chocolate lovers! Using just 5 simple ingredients, this recipe is easy and makes a delicious dessert.

Popcorn is a healthy replacement for chips

Swap It! 5 Healthy Food Swaps

Making the change to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always require major changes to your daily routine. There are some really easy ways that you can make small healthy changes to your diet by just swapping one type of food for another! Here are 5 healthy food swaps you can make for a healthier lifestyle. 1. […]

Finished Poke Cake

Red, White, and Blue Poke Cake Recipe

This red, white, and blue poke cake takes a classic vanilla cake and adds multiple layers to create a unique dessert perfect for any event!

Final product of homemade tiramisu

Five Ingredient Homemade Tiramisu

This no-bake, homemade tiramisu is super easy to make! With just five ingredients, whip up an elegant dessert that will impress all your family and friends!

summer beauty on the beach

4 Summer Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Summer is all about having fun, but it also requires some changes in your beauty routine! Here are 4 summer beauty tips all girls should know!

Two identical dogs

10 Weird Things All Dog Moms Do

For many of us, our dogs are more than just pets; they’re family! Click here to see our list of Top Ten things that the most loving dog moms do!

Mom and daughter out in the city

8 Signs Your Mom Is Your Ultimate BFF

Mother’s Day is more than just honoring your mom; it’s about honoring your best friend! Here are 8 signs your mom is your absolute BFF!

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