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Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review | The Best Affordable Standing Desk

While so many people are working from home, now is the time to make sure our home offices are the best they can be. If you are not comfortable sitting at your desk or if you have poor posture, it is really difficult to focus on work.

Having the perfect working space can make the difference between a good day and a bad day at work. So why not have a desk that helps you to be your most productive self? I am so excited to share my thoughts on the SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous.

Product Details

I absolutely love my new smartdesk. It has made working long hours at home so much better. The SmartDesk 2 is an adjustable standing desk. The desk’s frame is made with heavy-duty steel and the height adjusts easily thanks to a dual-motor. This motor is what makes the desk capable of lifting up to 300 pounds!

The desk tops are available in Classic or XL sizes so you can find the best desk for your workspace. The classic top is available in the colors White, Black, Walnut, White Oak, and Bamboo. The XL top is available in White, Black, and Walnut. I went with white on white and love the way it looks.

In addition, the tops are made of high-quality MDF wood, so you know that they are sturdy. The SmartDesk2 is by far the best affordable standing desk.

Assembly and Use

Setting up the SmartDesk2 is relatively easy. Assembly took me about 30 minutes and the instructions are included. I was able to set it up on my own though I would suggest having someone help you as it will speed things up and make it an all-over easier process.

However, it is definitely doable on your own and that is how I put mine together. The instructions for assembly lay everything out and it is very easy to follow. Instructions are included and are also available as a PDF.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to pros and cons this is actually very hard for me because I truly have no complaints on the desk. I only wish I would have ordered one sooner.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the desk:

  • The desk rises and lowers by pressing buttons on the easy to use the keypad. It has been so helpful for me when I need a break in my day to stand or when I am adjusting the height of my computer for videos.
  • Another pro is the look for me. I wanted some chic and stylish in my home office and this is perfect. Assembling the desk didn’t take much time and I was able to get it set up right away.
  • I also really appreciate the quality and price of the desk. It is more affordable than other competitor standing desks and a very high-quality product that I enjoy using daily.

How the Autonomous SmartDesk Works

Once you have put your Autonomous SmartDesk together it is so simple to use. You will just plug it into your wall outlet. It is very energy-efficient and draws only 0.06 watts while on standby.

The cord is approximately 51 inches so you can put your desk close to the wall and plug it right into the outlet or use an extension cord.

Adjusting the Height of Your Desk

During set up, you will install the control box. It’s very easy to install as the directions walk you step by step. It is attached under the standing desk and that is how you use the Smart Keypad.

The Smart Keypad is used to control the height of the desk. Using the buttons on the controls box when your desk is plugged in you can move it up and down to your preference.

Additional Details

When it comes to moving the desk up and down there are so many options with height. The frame extends up to 48 inches, which makes it so easy to use standing or sitting.

Worried about noise when adjusting your desk? No need! The motors are the most silent on the market. Autonomous desks feature advanced noise-cancellation engineering, and the SmartDesks are whisper-quiet at only 45dB during movement.

The Autonomous Brand

I first became away for the Autonomous brand which I tried out The Must-have Office Chair | Autonomous Ergo Chair 2. I was so impressed with the chair and couldn’t wait to try more products and like Autonomous is known for doing, #worksmarter.

Their mission is to help smart people work smarter. From a small apartment in NYC to 60 locations around the world. Their products are ideal for anyone, anywhere. I have been completely impressed with the quality of their products and the options they have available. Autonomous is truly invested in the happiness of their customers and the quality of their products.

Autonomous makes the workplace of the future—an everyday reality for people who are changing the world!

Final Thoughts

The SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous is a must have for every home office. I am so happy with my desk. I paired it with the Autonomous Ergo Chair 2 and finally have a home office that meets all of my needs.

I would score SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous as 10 out of 10!

I am honestly very impressed with this desk. It is strong, sturdy, and stylish. I love being able to break up my day by standing and sitting when working on my computer. You will love it and will be able to #worksmarter with this lovely addition to your home or office space.

As someone working from home, this desk has been the perfect addition to my home office. No matter what your style or aesthetic, the SmartDesk 2 blends in and incorporates, rather than dominating the aesthetic of your office space. It’s your space, your work, your SmartDesk, and it’s the best affordable standing desk for home office designed to compliment you.

If you are ready to try the SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous use code: GENTWENTY for 10% off!

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Disclosure: I was sent an Autonomous SmartDesk 2 in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.