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Autumn Romance Movies Hallmark: 30+ Best Fall Movies

Christmas is not the only time of year to binge movies on the Hallmark channel for the cozy small town romance that has everyone invested. Autumn also brings in heart-warming movies with similar tropes and actors like Ryan Paevey and Jessica Lowndes.

The fall season has plenty of autumn romance movies to go around on the Hallmark channel with classics from the Pumpkin Pie Wars to October Kiss. You might even catch brand-new films premiering for the first time!

Here is the scoop on autumn romance movies on Hallmark to watch on a Saturday night!

Best Hallmark Fall Movies

1. An Autumn Romance (2021)

A GAC family premiere, Jessica Lowndes and Chad Michael Murray star together in this original movie also known as the Colors of Love. Based on the novel Tycoon’s Kiss by Jane Porter, Jessica plays Taylor Harris, a librarian from Montana.

She finds her way back to her hometown only to find out that her brother’s hotel is about to fall into the hands of Joel Sheenan who has big plans to renovate the property. While Taylor and Joel end up on the wrong foot at first, they soon find a path toward true love.

2. Harvest Love (2017)

Featuring Ryan Paevey and Jen Lilley, this top autumn romance Hallmark movie is an emotional and comforting masterpiece that follows a widowed surgeon who is floating through life with her own set of problems.

Once she leaves her life in the city, she finds herself back in her hometown wanting to reconnect with her son and her family’s pear orchard. However, what she doesn’t expect is to come across a farm manager that has her falling in love all over again.

3. Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016)

two people arguing over pie in hallmark autumn romance
Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

A comedy romance with a fair share of rivalry, Pumpkin Pie Wars is one of the most popular Hallmark movies to swing into the fall season. Julie Gonzalo and Rico Aragon star as the next generation of bakers who is unwilling to accept defeat.

While the enemies-to-lovers trope is not a new concept for Hallmark movies, Pumpkin Pie Wars does it well with their family connection in the food industry.

4. October Kiss (2015)

A family-centered drama and romance, October Kiss is a feel-good movie that takes place during Halloween. Poppy Summerall (Ashley Williams) is introduced to the kids of Ryan Larson (Sam Jaeger) as their temporary babysitter.

Known as a workaholic, Ryan just wants to make sure his kids are taken care of. However, what he doesn’t expect is to fall for Poppy’s optimistic attitude as she teaches him the importance of family.

5. Harvest Moon (2015)

One of the older autumn romance Hallmark movies on this list, Harvest Moon is about a driven businesswoman who travels to the country to help a struggling pumpkin farm that was invested in by her father.

When figuring out ways to bring the farm to life, Jenny (Jessy Schram) meets Brett and an unlikely romance begins to grow.

6. Love in the Limelight (2022)

loving couple kissing on bench with mountain view
Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Inspired by a real-life love story, this beautiful romance movie sets the stage for heart-fluttering moments starring Alexa Penavega, Carlos Penavega, and Ivonne Coll. Love in the Limelight is about Summer and Nick who have been pen pals for years.

When Nick comes into town for a concert, Summer makes the effort to finally see him in person. But she is unaware of her real feelings for Nick and is taught by her trendy grandma to follow her heart.

7. A Harvest Wedding (2017)

One thing that Sarah Bloom (Jill Wagner) finds the most challenging other than planning a wedding at a family farm in her hometown is encountering her first love all over again.

A Harvest Wedding makes room for a second chance at love with subtle inspiration for autumn decor.

8. Dating the Delaneys (2022)

Maggie Delaney (Rachel Boston) is a divorced mother wanting to expand her bakery business with the help of her business partner. However, it’s a lot more difficult than they thought with very little exposure.

As she runs a business on the side, she puts the rest of her energy into caring for her two kids. Maggie soon finds herself juggling not only work and family but love as she throws herself into the dating world after 20 years.

When navigating the dating scene, Maggie asks her long-time friend and widow, Michael (Paul Campbell) to help her practice. However, Maggie is unaware at first that Michael wants to be the right person to make her happy.

A movie following three generations of love including Maggie’s mother Barb, this Hallmark gem is everything we could possibly want in a romantic movie.

9. Romance in Style (2022)

Jaicy and Benjamin in romance in style
Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Thomas Fricke

A New York love story starring Jaicy Elliot, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Connie Manfredi, Romance in Style follows a struggling fashion designer and seamstress located in Brooklyn.

Ella Richard’s designs are a refreshing take on the fashion world and mogul Derek wants her unique plus-sized designs published in his magazine.

10. South Beach Love (2021)

Two high school sweethearts had a grand plan to open up a restaurant together. But Tony (William Levy) decided to go off to Paris to improve his chef skills in the kitchen, leaving Sara (Taylor Cole) behind.

A decade later, Sara now has her own restaurant in Miami while Tony owns a Michelin-star restaurant in New York City. It isn’t until both of their families plan for quinceañeras that Sara and Tony are reunited.

South Beach Love takes a unique approach to love that shows the importance of communication and following one’s dreams.

11. Love, Fall & Order (2019)

Starring Erin Cahill, Trevor Donovan, and Gregory Harrison, this autumn romance Hallmark movie combines the farm and the lawyer world. Claire (Erin Cahill) decides to go home and save the annual fall harvest lineup owned by her Dad after Margie tries to claim the land is hers.

While trying to save the pumpkin farm, Claire encounters a familiar face, the corporate lawyer who used to be her rival. Patrick (Trevor Donovan) and Claire can’t help but be competitive with one another.

She doesn’t realize is her clash with the opposing lawyer would form an unlikely romance with both of them being on opposite sides of the heated property dispute.

Let’s not even think about the fact that Claire’s boyfriend, Ben is waiting for her back in New York…

12. Game, Set, Love (2022)

Davida and Richard in game set love
Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

Written by Alex Wright and featuring former doubles tennis player, Tracy Austin, this Hallmark sporty romance is a breath of fresh air from a city girl moving back to her hometown.

Davida Williams stars as the tennis player, Taylor, who finds herself coaching a bad boy (Richard Harmon) who may not have the best reputation.

As they both spend time together to help Will prepare for a tournament, Taylor discovers that Will is much more than what she expected, especially when she has to pair up with him.

13. Falling for Vermont (2017)

One of the best uplifting autumn romance Hallmark movies, Falling for Vermont takes a slightly different approach to the path of love.

A best selling author (Julie Gonzalo) tries to escape the media frenzy but ends up in a car accident resulting in amnesia. Upon waking, she finds herself in a guest house in Vermont with a friendly doctor (Benjamin Ayres).

14. Hint of Love (2020)

While Hint of Love may not give off the same cozy autumn vibes as the other movies, the delicious food made by a culinary expert helps prepare us for the food served at Thanksgiving.

Starring Dennis Andres, a widowed father to David, and an agent who works at a cookbook publisher (Debs Howard), this enemies-to-lovers movie is both inspiring and mouthwatering.

15. How to Fall in Love (2012)

Eric and Brooke with mountain view in autumn romance Hallmark movie
Copyright 2012 Crown Media Holdings,

A beautiful romance that we only wish would happen to all of us. How to Fall in Love features an accountant (Eric Mabius) and a dating coach (Brooke D’Orsay).

Annie finds herself working with an accountant who is just as awkward as a teenager when it comes to finding a partner. But what she doesn’t know is that Harold White has had a crush on her since their high school days.

16. Marry Go Round (2022)

Marry Go Round features a sticky situation that no one wants to find themselves in. Amanda Schull (Abby Foster) is a successful business executive who plans to move to Paris and marry her fiance, Edward (Zak Santiago).

The engaged couple is about to ring the wedding bells when she finds out that the divorce isn’t official with Luke (Brennan Elliott).

17. Autumn Dreams (2015)

two adults dancing at fall party
Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

With big city plans, the teenage lovers Annie (Jill Wagner) and Ben (Colin Egglesfield) decide to elope. However, Annie’s parents put a stop to the marriage by annulment, leaving Annie no choice but to stay close to home.

Over a decade later, Annie and Ben are both engaged to a new partner but somehow come across a major hiccup in their divorce finalization that forces them to reunite and rekindle old feelings.

18. Autumn in the City (2022)

The perfect autumn romance Hallmark movie, Autumn in the City is about a woman named Piper (Aimee Teegarden) who moves to New York City to start a new chapter in her life.

During the fall season in New York, she meets an aspiring writer named Austin (Evan Roderick). Their connection not only lies in their love for autumn but for a children’s book project.

19. The Good Witch (2008)

Catherine Bell as Cassie, the enchanted beauty who moves to a small town and charms Police Chief Jake Russell (Chris Potter).
Photo: Brooke Palmer /©2007 Crown Media.

A family and fantasy movie to gear up everyone for the fall and Halloween season, The Good Witch is about a mysterious woman who movies into the local town’s haunted mansion. But her fascination with occultism labels her as a ‘wicked witch.’

Jake Russell (Chris Potter) is at first disturbed by Cassandra Nightingale (Catherine Bell) but then learns that she is kind and even develops feelings for her. The success of this spooky movie led to a magical show and even a few more movies.

20. Raise a Glass to Love (2021)

Prepare to dive deep into a wine-filled romance with a few drops of comedic moments. Raise a Glass to Love is one of the new Hallmark movies starring Laura Osnes (Jenna Savern) and Juan Pablo Di Pace (Marcelo Castillo).

Aspiring Master Sommelier Jenna returns to her family’s vineyards to learn more about the natural methods of wine-making in hopes of passing the exam.

Jenna begins to clash with the new manager (Marcelo) on taking a new direction for the wine-making business. But their disagreements may form a path towards love.

21. Sweet Autumn (2020)

Sweet Autumn is just as sweet as candy corn with enough comedy and romance to awaken the fall season and the fall festivals. Upon returning home, Maggie (Nikki Deloach) finds out that she has inherited half of the candy shop owned by her Aunt Dee.

But the most shocking part is finding out that the maple supplier, Dex (Andrew Walker), owns the other half. Maggie and Dex go on a mission to figure out the reasons behind her aunt’s wishes.

22. Love Under the Olive Tree (2020)

Tori and Benjamin in love under the olive tree
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

A Canadian television film starring Tori Anderson and Benjamin Hollingsworth, Love Under the Olive Tree features two families who have competing olive oil businesses.

Cabella Oil and Brandini’s have been passed down for generations and Nicole and Jake are now front and center to continue the family-owned businesses.

But they both don’t realize just how much they have in common even when they are set to compete in Sunset Valley’s Olive Oil Contest.

23. JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift (2020)

On the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift is a family-oriented drama that introduces past love.

Rebecca Landsburg (Teri Polo) is excited to have her fairytale dreams come true with a proposal from Henry (Dylan Walsh) until her daughter invites in a visitor from her past.

24. All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018)

Life isn’t always easy. especially when you add marriage into the mix. All of My Heart: The Wedding is another great autumn romance Hallmark movie that blends romantic moments and fall leaves.

Jenny (Lacey Chabert) and Brian (Brennan Elliott) are about to get married, but they run into a financial situation that forces them to give up Emily’s Country Inn to a distant relative of Emily.

25. Roadhouse Romance (2021)

Lauren and Tyler in Roadhouse Romance Hallmark movie
Credit: Copyright 2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Luba Popovic

One of those feel-good romances that you can’t pass up, Roadhouse Romance is a beautiful story following country singer, Callie (Lauren Alaina) as she returns home to her family’s failing BBQ restaurant.

She is also disappointed in the fact that her first love is with another woman. While trying to save the restaurant, Callie clashes with TV director Luke (Tyler Hynes). Upon meeting Callie, Luke changes his perspective on life.

26. Autumn Stables (2018)

Starring Cindy Busby and Kevin McGarry, this romantic drama features a second chance at love. After her husband’s death, Autumn sells the ranch to Jake expecting the ranch to stay the same; however, Jake has other plans for the land.

Can two people with very different perspectives fall in love?

27. Country at Heart (2020)

Jessy and Niall singing and playing music
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

A beautiful movie that takes the viewers on a journey filled with music and love, Country at Heart tells the story of a struggling country singer who forms a team with a Nashville songwriter.

While the both of them create a hit song, they also realize there might be romantic feelings involved too. Starring Jessy Schram and Niall Matter, the inevitable romance strikes a new cord that leaves viewers pleasantly surprised.

28. All My Heart: Inn Love (2017)

The second movie in the series, All My Heart: Inn Love follows the same couple, Jenny and Brian who are preparing for the opening of Emily Country’s Inn.

However, a raging storm that hits Bucks County may leave everything sopping wet.

29. Advice to Love By (2021)

Brooks Darnell and Erinn Westbrook  in autumn romance Hallmark movie
Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

A refreshing take on romance, Advice to Love By stars Erinn Westbrook (Kendall Turner) and Brooks Darnell (Nathan Hart). Kendall is an author based in Seattle who is writing a book on the science of love rather than love happening by chance.

An anonymous column writer for Pacific Sounder Magazine finds love to be the complete opposite and somehow ends up tasked with writing an article on Kendall.

30. Sand Dollar Cove (2021)

A Hallmark Channel original movie, Sand Dollar Cove is a gorgeous romance featuring a real estate development project manager, Elli (Aly Michalka) that is tasked with acquiring a beachfront property.

But a charming local by the name of Brody (Chad Murray) wants to ensure the town’s pier will remain untouched. When they’re around each other, a deeper bond begins to form.

31. Heart of Down Under (2020)

A great autumn romance Hallmark movie to start off your weekend, Heart of Down Under follows a woman named Jo (Cindy Busby) who comes to the realization that her family’s general store is not doing the best financially.

Her father attempts to help out with Daisy Hills by reaching out for help to the person who so happens to be Jo’s ex-boyfriend, Blake (Marshall Williams).

32. Love on the Limb (2016)

Ashley Williams and Trevor Donovan in Love on the Limb
Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Petr Maur

Featuring a strong female character who is passionate about causes, Love on the Limb is an autumn-filled romance starring Ashley Williams and Trevor Donovan.

The mayor hires Kyle to cut down the town’s beloved oak tree but Aimie steps forward to stop the development while also finding herself going down a strange path filled with love.

Hallmark Autumn Movies Guide

Every fall and winter season, new films premiere with oftentimes a new lineup of actors and familiar faces. Recently, Hallmark has produced a fair share of new movies and tv shows with diverse actors.

While the same tropes and storylines are being used with an emphasis on small towns and holiday atmospheres, there is a clear but subtle shift happening to keep up with the movie and television industry.

Now it’s time to snuggle on the couch with a fall-scented candle and a pumpkin spice latte. Visit the official Hallmark website for pumpkin spice recipes.

autumn romance hallmark movies to watch

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