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Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas For a Night You’ll Never Forget

After a long and often stressful process of planning a wedding, your hen party allows you to let your hair down and have fun! Unlike your big day which you will probably want to be very elegant and classy, when it comes to your hen night anything goes. In fact, the tackier it is the better. Here are a few awesome hen party ideas that will give you a night you will never forget!


Party Bus

Music, lights and drinks galore, a party bus is your group’s own personal nightclub! You don’t have to shimmy through the crowds or queue at the bar, but still get the full party experience. If you want the best of both worlds, the party bus can drop you at various bars in your local area so you can hop on and off during the evening. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, then this could be it!

Party At Home

The great thing about throwing a party at home is you have total free reign to do whatever you want. If you’re on a budget, you could buy some inexpensive decorations from places like dollar stores, and ask everyone to bring a bottle. You could go with something extravagant if that’s what you wanted, hiring a photo booth and creating a bar area for guests. You could choose a theme, anything from fancy dress to vintage tea party. If your wedding and hen party falls over the winter or early spring when the weather is cold, then a party at home is a particularly good option. No traipsing through the cold or snow to go on a night out, no queuing and everything is set up and ready to go from the comfort of your own home.

Male Revue Show

If you want something entertaining and a little risque, a male revue show is a great option! Hunks The Show for example tour up and down the country, you could research the dates and locations to find out if any of them would work for you. If you’re throwing a party yourself, you could even book a male revue act to come out to you- a great way to get everyone giggling!

Adventure Day/ Weekend

Lots of companies offer adventure packages for hens and stags. From inflatable fun such as giant bouncy castles, sumo suits and water bubble fighting to inflatable Olympic games. You could even opt for something like paintballing; these would all burn some serious calories which is handy if you’re slimming down for your big day! Adventure days and weekends are often aimed at stags, but there’s no reason why the boys should have all of the fun. If you have a competitive and active group of friends, then this could be amazing! There are loads of different activities available so do some research online.

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Do you have any unique or interesting ideas for your hen party? Or if you’re already married, what would you do if you could do it all again?

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k d master

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

Amazing blog! All the ideas stated in the blog is amazing and interesting we all are searching for a options in party and this blog is really helpful in explaining as well as providing such great ideas that will make your party wonderfull, everyone who has a interest in parties or people who organizes parties can read this blog.

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