Bachelor Alum Serena P. Talks About “The Awkwardness” Of Dating Matt James

Bachelor Nations fans are still talking about Matt James season of The Bachelor. Between filming during a pandemic, drama amongst contestants in the house, and controversy outside the show, this past season of The Bachelor is unlike any other.

Now that Matt James’ season is over, contestant Serena P. is talking about her experience dating the star. Thanks to a Screen Rant exclusive, here is the scoop on Serena Pitt’s experience dating Matt James.

Serena P. Shares Her Bachelor Experience

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

There is no denying that multiple women dating one man at the same time will be awkward. Thankfully for Serena Pitt she got a one-on-one date with Matt early in the season. Their relationship started early and grew to be pretty strong, but after hometowns Serena could not see a future with Matt and she opted to leave the competition.

Even though she is a fan of the show, Serena explains that there is no preparing oneself for the experience. She tells Screen Rant, “I’ve been a viewer of the show, but living it and experiencing it is a whole different thing.” She also adds, “You just don’t know what you don’t know.”

What Fans Don’t See

The Bachelor Serena
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

According to Serena, the women in the house are much closer than what fans get to see watching The Bachelor. Sharing her experience with the other women Serena says, “I think what surprised me was how fast and easily you can get close with the women, and how we were really able to navigate to the best of our ability the awkwardness of dating the same guy.”

The Canadian contestant further explains, “I felt like it would be super awkward, and there would be a lot more resentment and frustration.”

In spite of the very obvious drama that fans watched at home, Pitt says, “We really did a good job of being able to navigate it and maintaining strong friendships. We could be honest while also not divulging everything while dating the same guy.”

So can fans expect to see Serena returning to Bachelor Nation? Maybe not. Reflecting on the experience as a whole she says, “It’s not normal. I hope I never do it again. But we made it work, which I was surprised about. I thought it would be a lot more difficult.”

Are there any other contestants from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor you want to see again? Comment below!

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