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Bachelor Couple Update! Bennett Jordan Keeps Flirting With Kelley Flanagan

Is there a new Bachelor couple? Once again fans are watching Bennett Jordan from The Bachelorette flirt with Kelley Flanagan from The Bachelor.

In case you missed last week’s update, Bennett Jordan is using Instagram to show his interest in Kelley Flanagan. It looks like he is determined to win her over!

Thanks to insight from Cosmopolitan, here is the scoop on Bennett’s latest attempt to win Kelley’s heart!

Bennett Jordan Shows His Sweet Side

Instagram @bennettandrewjordan

In his latest Instagram post, Bennet is dancing and having fun! Sporting a bold peach-colored suit and a bright smile, the Justin Beiber song “Peaches” is playing while he dances.

Bennett’s caption reads, “In my absence from Georgia this Easter, I thought it was only appropriate to give loved ones “Peaches” from New York. 🍑🗽”

So how is this Instagram post relevant? Well, over the weekend Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram story showed off a beautiful bouquet of peach-colored flowers. Also, the floral gift came with a note signed, “Your not so secret admirer.”

Is Kelley Flanagan Looking For Love?

Instagram @kelleyflanagan

Unfortunately for Bennett Jordan, Kelley Flanagan is reportedly already dating someone. Since her breakup with Peter Weber, Kelley’s Instagram does not show a boyfriend. However, she says that she is dating someone!

Speaking on the podcast Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Kelley explains, “I’ll be honest with you, here we go, there’s a guy that I’ve been on a couple dates with.”

Flanagan excitedly shares that her new man is not from Bachelor Nation and that he is not an influencer. He actually does not have the Instagram app on his phone!

Kelley says, “It literally makes me feel so great, and I was like, ‘Thank god you don’t know this show that I’m on, you don’t even have the app.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not a weirdo, I have Instagram, I just don’t have the app because I could, like, be reading emails, or I could essentially be, like, reading news.’ And I was like, ‘Man you’re such a nerd, I love that.’”

So, in spite of Bennett’s best efforts, it seems like Kelley is unavailable.

Also, what about the rumors of Kelley joining Bachelor in Paradise? Fans will have to wait and see! Do you want to see her in Paradise this summer?

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