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Bachelor Nation Engagement: Haley Ferguson Tells All

After lots of controvorsey and drama, Bachelor Nation fans are ready for some good news. Thankfully, we finally have a reason to celebrate! Haley Ferguson, from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, is getting married! Her fiance is professional ice hockey player Oula Palve.

Thanks to an E! News exclusive, here is the scoop on Hayley Ferguson’s engagement!

Haley Ferguson Talks Engagement

(Freeform/Eric McCandless)

The former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Haley Ferguson shares that her recent engagement came as a surprise! She says, “What made this proposal so special was that Oula proposed at our potential wedding venue!”

Haley further explains that wedding planning with a hockey player can prove difficult. She adds, “I’ve been in love with this venue for awhile and wanted to lock down a specific date since his hockey schedule only allows for him to have three months off during the summer. So, I thought we were just going to view it because we had talked about getting engaged this summer.”

So, Oula’s proposal surprised her! Haley says, “I didn’t know he would propose this early, so he totally threw me off when he proposed there! He also had all my close family and friends waiting for me after for a private dinner. Now that location holds a very special place in my heart!” 

As for her husband to be, Haley is clearly head over heels in love. She says, “My life has changed so much since meeting Oula. He’s the kindest and most thoughtful person and I can’t picture my life without him.”

All About the Ring

Finding the right engagement ring was a team effort. Haley shares her surprise saying, “I couldn’t believe how massive it was! I sent him a picture of the shape that I loved and let him do the rest!”

There is also a beautiful touch that Oula himself added. Haley says, “Oula also had the band engraved on the inside with ‘ikuisesti,’ which means forever in Finnish, so I love that it has a personal touch to it!”

Oula worked with Hayley Lerue from Happy Jewelers to create the perfect engagement ring for Haley.

Twin Engagements

(Freeform/Ronda Churchill)

Fans of The Bachelor will remember both Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson from Ben Higgins’ season and also Bachelor in Paradise. Now, both twins are getting ready to plan their weddings! In December of 2020, Emily announced her engagement to NHL player William Karlsson.

Now, Emily takes some credit for Haley and Oula’s love story. Emily says that after finding Oula on Instagram, she “forced” Haley to DM him, and that’s where their relationship started!

Emily also really approves of her sister’s new fiance. She says, “I think Haley and Oula make a great match because they balance each other out! Oula is very thoughtful and sweet. He always puts Haley first and I know he takes extra good care of her when I can’t be there. I’m so happy for them and glad my matchmaking worked out!”

In terms of how their twin engagements and weddings will pan out, Emily says, “We will do a conjoined bachelorette and bridal shower, but definitely will have different wedding dates. I look forward to being married around the same time and then having babies around the same time as well.”

Fans of both Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson are so excited to see these two members of Bachelor Nation find love and get married!

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