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Bachelor Nation Stars Spotted at Coachella 2022

This past April, a few of our favorite Bachelor Nation stars had a music-filled weekend under the California sun at Coachella 2022. Not only did we see some aesthetic pictures, but our favorites also graced us with some fantastic outfits and clips from exclusive events!

Here’s the scoop on the Bachelor stars at Coachella!

1. Rick Leach of The Bachelorette

@rickleachjr on Instagram

Rick posted his wristband and a clip of him walking next to the Ferris wheel on the first day of the legendary music festival, and fans went crazy for it.

This Bachelor Nation fan-favorite looked absolutely stunning, and we were so happy to see him having a good time outside the show.

2. Katie Thurston of The Bachelorette

Katie Thurston
@thekatiethurston on Instagram

Katie Thurston wore the cutest dresses at this year’s concert, not to mention some really great hairpieces.

We were also thankfully blessed with pictures of her and Bachelorette 2017 costar John Hersey, who have been together since her failed engagement with Blake Moynes.

Overall, she seemed to have a great weekend with her partner and friends!

3. Hannah Ann of The Bachelor

Hannah an
@hannahann on Instagram

Bachelor Nation’s very own Hannah Ann was seen at the festival and Revolve preshow in a jungle-themed outfit, complete with giraffe print and the surrounding greenery.

According to E! News, she was packed and ready for the weekend with Lysol wipes, dry shampoo, and a lot of sunscreens.

This controversial Bachelor star took a prepared walk on the wild side and had the time of her life

4. Bri Springs of The Bachelor

Bri Springs
@brisprings on Instagram

Bri posted the cutest pictures on Instagram from her days at the iconic festival, showcasing not only her amazing outfits but also her boyfriend Aramide Olaniyan.

In continuation, she even partnered with American Express to show fans the celebrity experiences card members get! Bri’s pictures made us feel like we were really with her at the Amex lounge!

5. Nick Viall of The Bachelor 

bachelor stars
@nickviall on Instagram

Last but certainly not least, Nick Viall confirmed that he was a Harry Styles fan after posting fantastic footage of the performer on Day one at the valley

He also gave us an inside look at his time in the HBO lounge with his gorgeous girlfriend, Natalie Joy. Overall, he showed Bachelor Nation fans what celebrity life is like at Coachella.

We can’t wait to see what our favorite Bachelor stars do next!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.