Bachelor in Paradise: Carly & Evan Wedding Update

It might not be the Paradise we imagined this year, but that doesn’t mean other BIP couples won’t get their happily ever after.

According to E! News, “The wedding will still be televised.”

The went on to say, “Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, the only couple from Bachelor in Paradise season three to stay together, are still set to have their wedding filmed by the franchise’s cameras and aired on ABC, despite production being “indefinitely” shut down on the spinoff’s fourth season, multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! News.”

Rumor has it that the wedding is still happening and prepping for the big day is happening this week.  While, thing aren’t looking great for Bachelor in Paradise contestants this year, I think we can all agree we hope nothing but the best for Carly and Evan.

Find out more about the Bachelor in Paradise cancelation rumor and what Corinne has to say.

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