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Bachelor Twins: Emily & Haley Share Advice On Finding Love

In one of our favorite interviews at SarahScoop, we had the chance to chat with Emily and Haley Ferguson from ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Finding love, as we all know, is an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved. But, these ladies were ready and hopeful to give it a chance. They insist that their TV experience only made them stronger.


The contestants don’t have cell phones and aren’t able to contact their friends or family when things get hard. Luckily, the Fergie twins had each other. “A lot of people were very confused by us going on the show together but it was really good for us,” Emily explained. “I feel like it made us push each other to open up. We would get very anxious, but we were able to help each other through things like that.”

Since the show the girls have gone on to do their own thing and as fans of these twins we are very proud to see them putting themselves out there.  We can all learn a thing from Emily and Haley when it comes to love.

“It’s okay to fall in love and just put yourself out there. I’ve had my heart broken a couple of times and I’m always afraid to fall in love again because I don’t want to get my heart broken again but it’s totally worth it,” Haley told us. “It’s worth feeling that with someone new and if you get your heart broken, it’s okay. It’s okay to have a broken heart.”

Emily also shared her advice for the singles out there. “I think people should just give people chances. As a society, we don’t give people a chance because we don’t take the time to open up and get to know someone for who they really are.”

She continued explaining, “Everybody’s more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside and you never know if you don’t give someone a chance. They could have the greatest personality in the world if you just give them the chance.”

There you have it ladies (and gents) if you’re ready to find love take advice from Emily and Haley and give someone a chance. You never know they might end up giving you a rose.

Read the full interview with Haley & Emily.

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