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Bachelorette Katie Thurston Reacts to Blake Moynes’ Proposal

Katie Thurston is living out her happily ever after with fiance Blake Moynes! After a wild season and a dramatic finale, The Bachelorette got a happy ending. However, after Katie’s hometown visit and some deep thoughts, Blake was unsure about proposing.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

Thanks to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, here is the scoop from Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes on their proposal!

Katie Thurston On Blake’s Proposal

After a pretty intense conversation with Katie’s family, Blake was unsure about proposing. He knew he loved Katie, but was not sure if they were ready tor marriage.

While meeting with host Tayshia Adams to pick out a ring, Blake grew more unsure. He even said, “My head just feels like scrambled eggs.”

So when the time came to propose, Katie and fans did not know if Blake would pop the question.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

Katie admits, “I wasn’t sure he was proposing until he got down on one knee.” She says that she expected Blake to say, “I love you, but let’s, like, wait.” The now engaged bachelorette also shares that in that moment, “I’m just ready to leave with him no matter what.”

Katie explains, “When he gets down on one knee, I’m truly just so shocked that it’s happening ’cause I’d already in that moment accepted that he’s not going to.”

Laughing, Katie admits, “I cry every time I watch it. It makes me happy.”

Time to Celebrate


Becca Kufrin brings up after the proposal, “When Tayshia and Kaitlyn came running in too and you all had this moment together.”

She explains that Katie had, “Two other Bachelorettes who’ve gone through the same thing. They know exactly kind of, Katie, what you have been feeling in certain moments. To celebrate that love in that moment with you made everything so special.”

Becca adds, “I think it was a really great moment for all of us viewers to watch.”


Katie says, “I love that they were there.” Blake says that Kaitlyn and Tayshia joining them after was like having, “Two friends like, being there to celebrate it with you.” He also adds, “It just tied in nicely.

Blake’s Wardrobe Malfunction

After Blake’s proposal to Katie, the happy couple rode off into the sunset on horseback. Unfortunately, when getting on the horse Blake ripped his pants!

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

Blake shares, “When they were doing the fitting, Cary [Fetman] didn’t know that we were going to be jumping up on a horse so he made them like skin tight.” He adds, “When I jumped it literally slit the side of my pants open.”

Katie Thurston chimes in to comment on her fiance’s tight trousers. She says, “They were so tight, I remember looking at his front pockets seeing like, ‘Ok is there a ring box in there?'”

Becca Kufrin then also brings up Katie’s proposal look. She says, “You looked phenomenal. Your dress was stunning. That color, oh my gosh! I’ve never seen anyone, I think, on this show wear a dress like that emerald color. It was beautiful, you looked stunning.”


Katie Thurston explains that her look is a tribute to Blake Moynes. She says, “I wanted to also incorporate his favorite color, which is green, and so when this dress was available I was like, ‘That’s the one.'”

Katie Thurston’s journey as The Bachelorette may be over, but don’t worry! Bachelor in Paradise returns August 16th!

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