Bachelorette Katie Thurston Returns to Reality TV on FBOY Island

Bachelor Nation watched Katie Thurston go from stand-out during Matt James’ season to leading lady in her own season of The Bachelorette.

A woman in jeans and a denim jacket leaning against a wooden pole during The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 recap.
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The former Bachelorette is taking a chance on love once again, now on FBOY Island.

Thanks to an E!News exclusive, here is the scoop on Katie Thurston looking for love on FBOY Island!

FBOY Island

FBOY Island is a reality dating show where 3 women move to an island with 24 men and have to figure out which of the men are nice guys and which are self-proclaimed “Fboys.”

Fans of FBOY Island recently learned that Katie Thurston was going to be one of the leads for season 3 of the show.

Recap of The Bachelorette Season 17 Episode 10 featuring a woman in a pink shirt on a dirt road.
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

The 32-year-old admits, “I had never watched it.” She adds, “But when they’d asked me, I was like, ‘Well, let me watch the show, see what it’s about.’

Katie reveals, “I don’t really watch TV, let alone binge watch TV, and I binged that show. And I was like, ‘Heck, yes, sign me up. I wanna be part of this.'”

Girl Power

Katie Thurston also talks about what it was like leading a reality dating show with a group of women rather than by herself.

“With everything that was available in terms of potentially finding love, potentially winning money, doing it with Nikki, who’s a comic behind the scenes, along with Elan Gale, who’s just this mastermind,” Katie explains, “there are so many pros, so many things that were telling me yes versus any negative options.”

She adds, “So for me, it was a win-win all the way around. I had more to gain than lose. I had to say yes.”

Recap of The Bachelorette Season 17 episode 9 featuring a woman in jeans and a red denim jacket.
(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Katie also reveals, “I loved it because being a lead on reality TV can be very lonely, and so to do it with two other women who are in the exact same role as you, it was just so much fun every night.”

The former Bachelorette shares, “We’re dissecting our experiences, which is just like real-life dating. You want to talk to your girlfriends after a date and it was super fun. It just felt like summer camp.”

She adds, “I’m so thankful that the concept of the show is just getting to do it with your two girlfriends.”

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