Bachelor’s Madison Prewett Reveals New Boyfriend in Emotional Instagram Post

Bachelor Nation favorite Madison Prewett is in love and she wants you to know it! In a recent Instagram post, Madison went Instagram official with her boyfriend and revealed him to her fans. But who is this mystery man? We have you covered!

 Madison Pretwett
Instagram @madiprew

Here is the scoop on Madison Prewett’s new boyfriend!

Madison Prewett Goes Instagram Official with Boyfriend

On Thursday, May 5, Bachelor Nation alum Madison Prewett took to Instagram to post photos of her boyfriend, Grant Michael Troutt. She posted a series of photos of the couple and began her sentiment with, “So now y’all know, I got the realist G in town.”

Madison then goes on to say, “Grant Michael Troutt, so full of passion and purpose and joy, I am proud I get to do life with someone who loves Jesus and people like you do.”

 Madison Pretwett
Instagram @madiprew

Also, she reveals that they have been together for five months! Madison writes, “The past 5 months have been the best and wildest adventure. Full of highs and lows but there’s nobody else in the world I’d rather do life with. It’s been special since the first date: when u forgot to open my car door because we were both so nervous, when we barely touched our quesadillas at dinner because of our deep convos and intentional questions, and then ending the night riding around listening to Drake in the car on full blast for hours.”

FInally, Madison concludes, “You are my best friend. My favorite hello. My hardest goodbye. There’s nobody else in the world like you. Let’s keep dreaming, vibing, serving, and loving. G&M ❤️🤞🏼”

Madi Prewett’s Love History

In his own Instagram post, Grant revealed his relationship with Madison. His caption began, “Uhhh ohhhh. Sooo kinda got something I’ve been keeping on the low low. My shawty. Madison, crazy how fast 5 months has flown by?”

Grant continued, “You make me smile like nobody else. You have an infectious laughter and joy about you that is so attractive to the world. You love people fiercely. I’ve never met somebody that walks with such grace and beauty… You seek to honor God with all that you are. You inspire me to be better.”

Instagram @madiprew

He also writes, “I laugh hard with you and have also cried deeply with you. Been in some really awesome highs with you, and had some really hard moments too… you’re my first call through it all. You’re by my side. I’m so glad I met you lil Madi rose🦁😋 Hand in hand. My ride or die. I’ve enjoyed every second of this ride.”

Grant ends his dedication to Madison saying, “Could write a book on what I’ve learned from your heart, but I’ll save that for another time. For now just know, like drizzy drake said, ‘I got z’s for these other girls I’m sleepyyyy.'”

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 Madison Pretwett

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