Bad Moms Movie Review

I got the opportunity to see Bad Moms on July 20th, before it premiered in theaters and let me tell you, it was quite an experience! The movie is basically about a group of moms who are sick and tired of pretending like everything is perfect and claim the role of “bad moms.” Long story short: it reflects what every hard working mother goes through.

bmI, personally, am not a mother yet and already stress enough just trying to take care of myself. I could not imagine having to do what I do now with a child, but when that day comes I’ll be happy to be a bad mom ;). Bad Moms emphasizes the fact that being a mom isn’t about being perfect in every aspect. It is about knowing that every mother is different depending on her child. The movie highlights the lack of a mom manual when it comes to parenthood and that is one of the most important things to take away from the film. There is no handbook when you have children. Moms are moms; not superheroes. There is room for mistakes, even for them.

bmdrinksThe casting of this movie is even better than the key message. Mila Kunis plays the main, overworked mother, Amy Mitchell. She does a great job of playing a stressed out parent. You can definitely tell that she brought her personal motherhood experiences into the role she played as Amy. She delivered when it came to the “mom” aspect of the movie.

The humor aspect of the movie, however, is brought by a different character. Carla is a single, party mom who spends her time drinking and sleeping with as much/many as she can. She is portrayed by Kathryn Hahn so if you’ve seen her in any other films, (i.e. Step Brothers) you know she was the perfect choice for this role. Keep in mind that this movie is rated R and again, Kathryn Hahn’s character really contributes to that. She brings a certain sexuality and raunchy humor to the film that you would not have otherwise expected. As much as it may throw you off, Hahn makes the movie what it is. She plays an excellent role and really opens your eyes to the wide variety of mothers there are out there.

Kristen Bell plays Kiki, the goody-good mom who rarely strays away from her daily, motherly routine. Again, she does a wonderful job of portraying the side of parenthood that isn’t so fun but, as we all know, needs to be done. She brings a more quirky kind of humor to the film. Similar to her role in other movies like The Boss and Couples Retreat, Bell brings a sense of innocence that is, obviously, corrupted by the overall key message of the movie.

You all will also be in for a treat when you see what special guest star they bring in…But I won’t give anything away 😉

abmOverall, Bad Moms was a great movie. I’m a movie fanatic and I love going to see new movies but this one is absolutely one of the best upcoming ones. It’s hard to find a film that is able to capture a strong key message and be comical at the same time but this movie definitely does that. This movie is also one that may be directed towards moms (duh) but it can be enjoyed by anyone (keeping in mind the R rated content). I thought this movie may not be as entertaining for me since I am not a mother and cannot relate but it was actually still very enjoyable and hilarious.  Even dads will love it!

If you’re interested in seeing Bad Moms, head to the theaters July 29th and see for yourself what’s so great about being bad!

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