Bare Med Spa Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Review

Imagine the feeling of being hair free on areas of your body you dread unwanted hair…it is possible!!! 

I had the chance to try out Bare Med Spa’s laser hair reduction treatment and am very excited to share my results.  I will be the first to admit it, laser hair reduction has always sounded like an amazing, yet questionable process to me.  I have tried the at home treatments and wondered if the process really worked.  I had a hand held laser hair device a few years ago and sadly never saw results. Believe me, I tried.

I have done waxing, creams and of course those fancy razors that are suppose to have results that last for weeks. The idea of reducing body hair with a handful of laser treatments always seemed like a winning scenario.  I decided to test it out at my favorite med spa in Kansas City.  

I didn’t know what to expect with my first treatment.  I checked in and had a million questions before I got started. Everyone was so nice. They answered every question I had and were so confident in their services.  The employees had done a variety of treatments, which I really liked.  I knew if they were having successful results I would too.  I saw Tracy at the downtown location and highly recommend her.

The laser hair treatment is going to be a personal one so you want to make sure you are very comfortable with the person doing your treatments.  My first treatment was easy and quick.  I went into a private room and laid down with my arms stretched over my head.  I always wore a tank top that made putting the laser machine on the underarm area easy.  I also wore the disposable underwear that they provide.  You will have a sheet that is put over you and moved as she works on different areas.

When people say you won’t feel the laser, they are lying.  But, lets think about this for a second…if I didn’t feel it I would be worried.  I wanted results! You can definitely feel it as the laser is targeting your hair.  I will say personally the bikini area was the most uncomfortable for myself and Tracy would use a cooling gel that really helped.

The best way to describe it is a warm feeling that is almost like a pinch against your skin that last just a few seconds.  Moments after the laser is lifted from you skin the feeling goes away.  And trust me when I saw that feeling of discomfort is more than worth the results you will get!  Depending on where your hair grows the aesthetician will move the laser device from one spot to the next until all areas have been treated.  They also put on a cooling cream after.  

Here are a few tips from Bare Med Spa you will want to remember before you start your laser hair reduction treatments.

  • Shave the treatment area 12-24 hours before your treatment.
  • Do not wax, pluck, tweeze, use bleaches or hair removal creams during your treatment series.
  • Avoid sun exposure, self tanners and tanning beds 1-3 weeks before treatment.
  • Use sunblock with SPF 30 on areas to be treated that are exposed to the sun.

Make sure to check out my posts asking the expert everything you need to know about laser hair reduction for even more tips!

The actually treatment is pretty quick.  My first appointment was the longest, but that was because I had so many questions about the process and was getting comfortable.  After that for all three areas,  it took between 25-30 minutes.  


After finishing up my treatments I am a laser hair reduction believer.  The entire process took about nine months, as I went in every 4-6 weeks.  I did my underarms, bikini area and legs.  

I went from shaving every. single. day. to seeing hardly any sign of hair.  There might be a few that grow here and there as we all have different hair cycles, but it is easy to shave those.  The process works different for everyone and six weeks is usually what works best.  I will most likely get a few more touch up treatments as time goes on.   

If you are interested in trying out laser hair reduction I highly recommend you try out BareMed Spa.  I am so thankful that I did and honestly love my results.  It is so much easier not having to worry about my under arm area and that unwanted hair…bring on swimsuit season!! 🙂

For more information visit to book an appointment and learn more about the laser hair reduction services.

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Disclosure: I received complementary service from Bare Med Spa KC.  However, all opinions are my own and I never guarantee a positive review. 

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