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B&B Liberty Cinema 12 Incorporating Technology into the Movies

It is hard to imagine that movie theaters have been around since the early 1900’s.  To keep up with the changing times, theaters and filmmakers have had to continuously design and create top of the line products to keep theater attendance high. That being said, in 2018, with online movie websites, and many other ways to watch movies, it is easy to understand that the theater business is competitive. To keep up sales, theaters have to think of ways to keep people interested in attending the theaters. B&B Theaters is a popular chain among movie theaters and they recently opened a new theater in Liberty, Missouri that incorporates technology in new and innovative ways. They have one of the largest theaters in the world, a 4D theater and many other perks that make movie going fun and entertaining.

Largest Screen in the World

What better way to watch a movie then be almost completely surrounded by the action? B&B thought of this exact question and found a way to make it happen.  The ScreenX sit at four stories tall and seven stories wide. To make this movie experience happen, they have a main project for the largest screen and five projectors on either side of the wall. These 10 projectors show the same film but from different angles so you are immersed, even more, in the movie!

Reclining & Heated Seats

Going to the movies has always been fun but with the addition of large, fluffy, leather reclining chairs, you can enjoy your movie even more. Every theater has these reclining seats, but what is even better: they have a heat option. Movie theaters always have a tendency to be cold but at B&B Liberty Cinema 12, fear no more. There are multiple heat settings to suit your needs. They are simply fantastic. You won’t have to lug a jacket to the theater anymore!

MX4D Theater

The 4D theater is a new concept to many, however, once experienced, it is a new favorite! The 4D theater simulates the movie into your chairs. The chairs move in sync with whatever is happening in the film. You may experience bursts of mist, strobe lights, sensory effects within your chair, fog and even snow! Only specific types of movies are shown in the 4D theater so viewers can receive a top-notch experience. You also must be 40 inches or taller since it is similar to a “ride.” Action packed movies and scary movies will be your go-to in the 4D theater. Buckle up with the MX4D because you are in for a wild, fun ride!

Automated Hand Dryers

Automated hand dryers are not a new concept, however, at B&B theaters, they brought them to the next level. In the bathrooms, each faucet has its own automated hand dryer positioned neatly next to the faucet. When you run your hands under the dryer, it quickly blows them clean while a blue LED “DRY” appears from the dryer. This is just a small perk of the movie-going experience but it helps keep the bathrooms clean and is pretty entertaining.


This theater incorporates technology in a different fashion. ScreenPLAY is a theater for families with children. This theater allows for children to run around and play for 30 minutes before their film starts. The theater has incorporated a giant slide on the side of the theater and several kid-friendly toys. The idea is that taking kids to the movies can be difficult; they have short attention spans and don’t want to sit for two hours. With the ScreenPLAY now they can run out their energy before the movie and still be excited about what comes next: the movie!

Visual Appearance

Several movie theaters have adapted to the changing techonology. Without doing so, they wouldn’t be successful in the movie business. The B&B Liberty Cinema 12 has used technology all throughout their theater. You can order tickets on a machine and check in with your online ticket through your phone. The concession stands have beautiful LED displays of your regular movie snacks like popcorn and soda but they also provide food like flatbread and burgers. They have drink machines with numerous different drink options, that you click through to find your flavor.


Overall, the B&B Liberty Cinema 12 has stepped up the movie experience 100%. They have pulled out all the stops in hopes to bring customers from Liberty and outside of Liberty. After experiencing all of the theaters, testing the food and drinks and meeting the staff, I am certain their business will sky rocket. The  strive to want to please customers with new innovations of technology is clear throughtout the entire theater. Attendees will not be disappointed with their expereince at the B&B Liberty Cinema 12.



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