Becca Kufrin Talks Future Engagement to Thomas Jacobs

Bachelor Nation loved watching Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs get together on Bachelor in Paradise!

Thanks to Bachelor Nation here’s the scoop on Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs!

Becca Kufrin Background

Becca Kufrin is a fan favorite of Bachelor Nation! She was the winner of season 22nd of the Bachelor where she got engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr.

The two’s engagement ended in tragedy when Arie chose the runner-up Lauren Burnham in a televised breakup with Becca. Fans were overjoyed when Chris Harrison made Becca the Bachelorette for season 14 of the show.

In Becca’s season of the Bachelorette, she accepted Garrett Yrigoyen’s proposal and the two became engaged. However, they have since split due to differing lifestyles.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs

In the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise Becca and Thomas met and found love on the beach! We loved watching their story play out on the big screen.

The couple is now happily in a committed relationship and even talking about a future engagement.

On her podcast entitled “Bachelor Happy Hour”, she discussed her future with Thomas.

During the episode, she stated that, “Yes, we’ve talked about a ring and Thomas proposing. It’s actually something we’ve talked about for quite a while now. He jokingly proposed with a paper clip ring once and I was like, ‘I would say yes to this paper clip ring except it cuts my finger all the time.’ So yes, it’s definitely on the horizon.”

Becca went on to say that since she has had two very public engagements in the past she would like to avoid that this time around.

Her thoughts on the matter were, “The way I look at it is that people look so much into the proposal and the wedding itself rather than the actual marriage. I’m at the point where I know that I want to spend my life with him, but I don’t need anything big, extravagant, or public in any way. I just want it to be us. I didn’t even really need to tell him that. He just knew from what we’ve talked about.”

Becca and Thomas are looking to do things a little differently this time around. Being a Bachelor star can make it hard to keep special moments to yourself.

While the couple has discussed getting engaged they have not taken the plunge yet. Never fear, their engagement is on the horizon!

What do you think about this couple together? Are you excited for them to get engaged one day?

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