Ben Higgins Says Matt James “is so unaware” Of This Season’s Drama

Ben Higgins joined the Click Bait podcast with Tayshia Adams, Natasha Parker, and Joe Amabile and shared his thoughts on all the drama around the current season of the Bachelor.


As a former bachelor himself he share the scoop on his thoughts on this season’s lead, “I think his season in general has been a little frustrating in a sense of…,” he showed his support for Matt James, “I really am rooting for Matt and I’m rooting for some of these girls, and right now there’s no stories that I’m invested into. There’s no relationships that I’m that into right now. I don’t know where this is going.”

Like most fans of the show, Higgins is over the drama and suggests the reason for so much is because this season’s bachelor had yet to experience the show. “I think he has no clue what’s going on right now. I think when you’re on the show prior, you probably just assume that something is going on in the house. You’re just like, ‘Yeah, at this point, we’re four weeks in. There’s definitely drama there. Not everybody is getting along.’”

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua) BEN HIGGINS

He continues explaining how Matt could approach the drama from his own experience “And you start to … maybe not ask directly, but you pick and prod. Like, ‘How’s life going in the house? Are you OK? Who doesn’t like each other? Who are you friends with?’ That’s a question I asked a lot. ‘Who are your best friends in the house?’”


Higgins explains, “if they’re like, ‘Well, I don’t really get along with [anyone],’ you’re like, ‘Well, that seems weird.” Yes, that certainly does seem strange and a huge clue that they may be the source of the drama.

What is the root of all of this drama? Higgins brings insight, “I think he is so unaware of it that he’s just kind of walking through this, trying to do the best he can. And so, as a result, we’re not getting rid of the drama.”

Higgins also mentions that the drama in the house “has far exceeded the story.” If you’ve been watching this season you’ll most likely agree this season is filled with too much drama.

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