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Benjamin Ayres Talks All About “Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death”

Benjamin Ayres sat down with The Sarah Scoop Show and gave us the scoop on Hallmark‘s Chronicle Mysteries: Helped to Death and working with Allison Sweeney once again! He gives us inside details on the plot and what fans can expect in this film! Here’s the scoop!

What Fans Can Expect

Benjamin Ayres and Allison Sweeney, Hallmark
2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Jordan Blackstone

Benjamin Ayres has returned for the newest installment of Chronicle Mysteries from Hallmark! With that said, he had tons to dish with us!

When asked about what Ayres is most excited for fans to see on-screen he responded with, “People are just really going to enjoy trying to solve that [the case] with us while we have this blooming romance possibly!” We can’t wait to see Alex and Drew back in action in this one and you will too!

The Hallmark actor goes on to talk about the plot of the movie that surrounds Alex and Drew, the two main characters, who visit a self-help retreat as there have been controversies and tragedies accumulating at the center. They investigate the life coach that is in charge of running the center, named Billy Garret. One of the retreat participants ends up dead while the two detectives are there! Now, it is up to Alex and Drew to figure out who the culprit is! You’re bound to love this film if you enjoy the best of romance and mystery!

Reuniting with Allison Sweeney

Benjamin Ayres and Allison Sweeney, Hallmark
2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Jordan Blackstone

Within these last five installments of Chronicle Mysteries, Benjamin Ayres has reunited with Allison Sweeney several times!

When asked about that he said, “Oh, it’s the best!” and “Getting to be brought on to work with Ally for the first time and I was a fan of her before [on Days of Our Lives], so I knew who she was! The fact that she’s a producer onset is very active of her as a writer and as a creator. I was so impressed but happy to work with somebody that collaborative! She comes in every day with the best attitude and is constantly striving to make the show better!” Clearly, Ayres has so much praise for her!

He continues by talking about how the idea for this newest installment of Chronicle Mysteries came to him and Sweeney from listening to crime and mystery podcasts that they send each other! Ayres ends his answer with, “I just love working with her!” So sweet!

The 44-year-old actor even gave us insight into Alex and Drew’s budding romance, who are the two main characters of this film! He says, “There’s definitely some more sparks between the two of them!”

The Canadian actor even joked about the last movie and how Alex and Drew’s almost kiss was interrupted by a dog barking! He laughed and said, “I can say that there are no dogs in this one!” Ayres may or may not have just confirmed an on-screen kiss between him and Allison Sweeney‘s character!

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