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Best Booze Holiday Gift Guide 2019

If you need ideas of what to get those special people in your life, how about a special bottle of booze. There are many good choices out there, but we have put together a list of the best 10! They all would make a great gift and they are all incredibly good!

Root Out Whisky

Root Out Whisky is a delicious blend of the finest root beer flavoring with a smooth Canadian blended whisky. Root Out Whisky is aged for four years in American Oak barrels from bourbon. It creates a rich, root beer flavor with hints of vanilla. Enjoy Root Out Whisky neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or in a cocktail! Or you can make your own Adult Root Beer Float!

Root Out Whisky is available nationally online!

Root Out Whisky | website

Campo Viejo Tempranillo

Campo Viejo Tempranillo is fermented in stainless steel vats at a controlled control temperature and maceration with skins for approximately 12 days. The wine spends four months in American oak casks before rounding off its aging in the bottle. The result is a cherry red color, suggestive of a vibrant Tempranillo wine. Its rich aromas have a pronounced intensity with an initial scent of ripe fruit followed by gentled sweet notes of vanilla and spices. It is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish with notes of suits, vanilla and cocoa.

Campo Viejo Tempranillo is available for purchase on Drinks & Co. for a suggested retail price of $11!

Campo Viejo Tempranillo | website

Campo Viejo Brut Cava

Campo Viejo Brut Cava is deliciously elegant and smooth, full of fruit flavors with a persistent finish. This Cava is made in what is recognized as the most high-quality sparkling wine process. This creates greater complexity within the wine as well as a finer, more effervescent bubble structure. This wine will add a colorful sparkle to compliment any occasion.

Campo Viejo Brut Cava is available for purchase online at Drinks & Co. for a suggested retail price of $14!

Campo Viejo Brut Cava | website

Ferrari Brut with Chill Box

Ferrari Brut with Chill Box ($26.99) keeps wine cool for up to four hours. When you pop a bottle of this 100% chardonnay blanc de blancs, you unleash the great history of Ferrari. Ferrari Brut was the original sparkling wine made from the first Chardonnay grapes plants in the Trentino mountains by Giulio Ferrari in 1902. The warm days, cool nights and extreme altitude of the region give this wine a character different from its French counterpart, with notes of golden apple and luscious yeasty tones.

Ferrari Brut with Chill Box | website

Ferrari Rosé with Decorative Gift Box

Ferrari Rosé with decorative gift box ($35.99) is 60% pinot noir and 40% chardonnay. Ferrari Rosé is dry, clean and elegant, but with the freshness of wild strawberries and sweetness of almonds.

Ferrari Rosé | website

Doc Pepe’s Lab

You don’t have to be a mixologist to enjoy top-shelf cocktails at home. In less than five minutes, enjoy a crafty, curated drink that your taste buds will thank you for. I’d like to introduce you to two new premium cocktail mixes crafted with top of the line ingredients for a mixologist-made finish from a father and son team (Rich and Christian Pèpe). The duo is transforming the alcohol industry by providing quality, authentic liquor, and cocktails – straight out of the bottle. Made in small batches with all-natural ingredients, these trailblazers are setting a new standard.

Doc Pepe’s Lab barrel-aged, ready to drink cocktails are unique in their level of craftsmanship and authenticity. Christian “Doc” Pepe barrel-ages the entire cocktail blend in full size barrels, which are sourced and chosen for their previous contents that enhance the cocktails flavor.

Doc Pepe’s Lab | website

Mionetto Prestige Brut

Mionetto Prestige Brut ($14 750ml / $4 Mini 187ml) Made from 100% Glera grapes from the province of Treviso, an area renowned for high quality Prosecco, this sparkling wine offers a luminous straw yellow hue and stylish mousse. The palate is marked by aromatic notes of honey and white peach. For stocking stuffers, you should start with Mionetto’s signature mini bottles ($4). The classic ribbon beautifully displayed across the bottle means there’s no need to wrap. You can even customize with notecards displayed around the bottles neck.

Mionetto Prestige Brut | website

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry ($14 750ml / $4 Mini 187ml) This deeply luscious sparkling rosè is the result of the soft pressing of red grapes. The wine offers a peach blossom luminosity, accompanies by a fine, lively perlage. This wine is known for its intense fragrances, like holding an edible bouquet of violets, raspberries, strawberries, and wildflowers – a perfect pairing for your holiday table. Serving this cute with a grilled turkey breast or fish (or a variety of fish on the Feast of Seven Fishes) is sure to be a recipe for success.

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry | website

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG ($45) This elegant Cartizze boasts luminous golden tones and delicate beads of tiny bubbles. A majestic, multi-faceted bouquet releases seductive impressions of apple and pear alongside notes of citrus and glazed almond. On the palate it is crisp, well-balanced, and elegant. The perfect gift for anyone special in your life!

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG | website

Two Chicks Cocktails

Two Chicks Cocktails is a women-owned, run, and led company. These are a low alcohol (5%) drink, with great packaging that is easy to grab and go! There are absolutely delicious!!

Two Chicks Cocktails | website

How do all of those sound? I think they would make a great gift for that person who loves a glass of wine or loves trying new drinks! Happy shopping 🙂

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.