13 Best Bottles of Booze to Give as Gifts This Holiday Season

One of the most common gifts for all your adult friends is a bottle of booze. Whether it is wine, whiskey, or hard liquor, they’re sure to make a great gift! Here’s a guide to the best bottles to give this holiday season.


Reiger 2018 3-bottle Holiday Gift Pack  

J. Reiger & Co. is celebrating the holiday season with a gift pack! Each pack includes a bottle of Reiger’s Kansas City Whiskey, one bottle of Midwestern Dry Gin, and one bottle of Premium Wheat Vodka. The holiday collection will be available in select retails in the Midwestern area. Customers in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas can purchase collectible bottles of the Kansas City Whiskey ($35) while supplies last!

Find out more about J. Reiger & Co. here. 

3-Year-old Kentucky Peerless Straight Rye

This Kentucky whiskey was only released a couple weeks ago! 100% gin to glass, locally sourced whiskey from Kentucky, this Whiskey is sure to be great. Peerless bends the category rules by going beyond the typical pepper notes with a sweet mash and low barrel entry proof of 107. This whiskey has flavors of fruits, florals, vanilla, oak, and caramel.

Purchase Kentucky Peerless Straight Rye here. 

Rossville Union Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey 

Released this summer by MGP ingredients this Whiskey is made in one of the last American Prohibition-era distilleries. Rossville Union is blended to deliver a full, balanced rye whiskey. It also has a kick of spice, and caramel flavored taste and a smoky finish.

Purchase Rossville Union Whiskey here. 

Also available in Master Crafter here


Remus Repeal Reserve 

MPG Ingredients just released a Series II of the annual Remus Repeal Reserve! This Bourbon, produced to commemorate prohibition repeal day, is a rare, reserve bourbon. The medley changes each year allowing the distillery team to experiment, this year’s drink showcases high rye style. Remus Repeal Reserve includes aromas of maple with vanilla, caramel, toasted oak, and bold spice. Sweet Vanilla, caramelized brown spice, vanilla, smoke, and maple fill the flavor of this bourbon. 

Purchase Remus Repeal Reserve Series II here

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch 

This company has one simple goal, to create America’s next great Burboun. Based in Kirby, Wyoming the brand uses the finest non-GMO corn, wheat, barley, and water from the Big Horn Basin. Wyoming Whiskey also focuses on preserving Wyoming’s natural and human resources. The small batch is dark in color and floral with a hint of vanilla bean and caramel pudding. This whiskey is 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% barley.

Purchase Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch here. 


Rieger Midwestern Dry Gin

This gin was created in collaboration with the world’s top gin distiller Tom Nichol. A bold, full-flavored London Dry-style gin it includes juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, and licorice root. 

Purchase Midwestern Dry Gin here. 


Till American Wheat Vodka 

MGP Ingredients based in Atchison, Kansas makes this delicious Vodka. The liquor, made from premium Kansas wheat sourced locally, is distilled using a proprietary process used for over 75 years. This process yields a smooth premium vodka that showcases the craftsmanship of the Midwest. 

Purchase Till American Wheat Vodka here


Les Vins George Duboeuf 

This winemaker had expanded his U.S. portfolio with a new collection from the Pays d’Oc region of France. The collection includes a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. These high-quality wines support the message of sustainability in the vineyards. This company used dense vegetative cover in the vineyards to encourage flowers formerly extinct in the region to make their back into the ecosystem.  The bottles images feature these flowers, and in certain states, the bottles will also come with a small packet of wildflower seeds native to the U.S. 

Learn more about Pays d’Oc here. 

The Crusher 2016 Pinot Noir

This wine is the perfect gift friends, colleges, or hosts who just “crush” it in life. This Pinot Noir is a ruby-red color with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. The wine is well-balanced with many flavors and leads to a flavorful and lengthy finish. The Pinot Noir was aged with 100% French oak for 10 months giving excellent integration. 

Purchase The Crusher here. 

B Side 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon  

This bold red wine is a seamless blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Malbec. The wine has a combination of open and close fermentation before a twelve-month aging process exclusively in French oak. It is a smooth, full-bodied, bold style with solid fruit concentration.

Purchase the Cabernet Sauvignon here

Hello Fresh Wine 

This is a monthly subscription box offered by the HelloFresh company. It comes comprised of six full-size bottles of red, white, or mixed cases. Perfectly selected parings also come with your wine each month. You can pick your delivery day and cancel or pause anytime. The perfect gift for a wine expert. 

Find the subscription here. 


Partida Tequila Reposado

Being one of the highest rated Tequilas in the world makes Partida’s Reposado unique. Partida uses only fully matured 100% blue agave harvested by hand. The farm-to-touch mindset comes through in the Tequila’s nuanced flavor and a touch of smokiness. The Reposado, aged for six months, is perfect for dinner or a night out. 

Purchase Partido here. 



The perfect gift made for the non-drinkers, designated drivers, and healthy observers is TÖST.  This drink is a dry sparkling beverage. It was created to fill the space of what to drink when you need something non-alcoholic. Sophisticated, meaningful, and great tasting this drink is perfect for anyone. TÖST is also low calorie and all natural. 

Purchase TÖST here. 

There really is a bottle for everyone with this variety of options! Get one for everyone on your list this holiday, even for those that don’t drink. Be sure to check out our other gift guides for your non-alcohol drinkers for other ideas!


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