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100 Best Christmas Ever! Movie Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

Discover a plethora of heartwarming quotes from the Best Christmas Ever movie that are bound to ignite the Christmas cheer in everyone. This festive tale blends a captivating storyline with humor, promising endless laughs for the whole family.

Having soared to the top of Netflix’s Top Ten Movies list, Best Christmas Ever! captivates viewers from its opening scene to the very end.

Delve into a compilation of 100 delightful quotes from this movie and immerse yourself in its charm!

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from the Best Christmas Ever movie!

Best Christmas Ever! Movie Quotes to Add Charm to Your Holiday

Brandy Norwood as Jackie, Madison Validum as Beatrix, Heather Graham as Charlotte in Best. Christmas. Ever!
Cr. Scott Everett White/Netflix © 2023.
  1. “Dear friends, family and fellow Earth dwellers…”
  2. “Life just seems to fly by, but that’s what happens when you’re having a splendiferous time.”
  3. “I’m always searching for new adventures.”
  4. “Fulfilling Daniel’s dream to promote green energy by taking a family trip around the world in a solar-powered hot air balloon.”
  5. “Really? Who sends Christmas letters anymore?”
  6. “I mean, how much of this can a person take?”
  7. “Thanks to Marvel, she thinks she has super powers.”
  8. “Do me a favor, give me a heads-up before you try flying again.”
  9. “They’re family, it’s Christmas.”
  10. “He dreams, I worry.”
  11. “Gross! What if I have super smell?”
  12. “Only two horses behind schedule. We are improving!”
  13. “I just remembered. We forgot to tell Santa where we’ll be!”
  14. “What if he sees we’re not there and gives our presents to the kids next door?”
  15. “It’s a holiday letter, they always are… overly positive.”
  16. “Nobody’s life is that wonderful, that perfect, that ‘splendiferous.’”
  17. “What on earth are you guys doing here? Is the band getting back together?”
  18. “Grab your bags. There is plenty of room here at the inn.”
  19. “I guess she won the bet.”
  20. “Looks better this way.”
  21. “What – Really Charlotte?”
  22. “Sorry mom, sometimes Bob likes to watch you sleep.”
  23. “What do you mean, ‘find the car?'”
  24. “But then we’re going home. On skis, chains, sled dogs, whatever.”
  25. “Chest I ever ha- I mean, it’s the best.”
  26. “I found a few calculation errors in your formula, by the way.”
  27. “Cute. But there were no errors.”
  28. “Aunt Jackie, Uncle Val, Bob would like to thank you for your generous hospitality.”
  29. “He’s not used to being treated so…civilly.”
  30. “Well, man or a monkey, a guest is a guest.”
  31. “For my king of rock and roll.”
  32. “Jacqueline, uh, invited us to stay for Christmas.”
  33. “Best Christmas ever.”
  34. “Come on. Let’s get us a tree!”
  35. “Everything comes with a purpose.”
  36. “And when God gives you a gift, the best ‘thank you’ is to use it.”
  37. “The turkey! Did you massage it for three hours?”
  38. “My mom makes the best cookies. I think they’re better than gourmet.”
  39. “In my research, I found no correlation between the level of naughtiness and the amount of toys received.”
  40. “Bob and I are pretty sure he’s real.”
  41. “Stupid snowman!”
  42. “Operation Santa Fraud begins.”
  43. “We want the truth! Is Santa real?”
  44. “No! Save Christmas! Elves, save Christmas!”
  45. “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”
  46. “Mom, Monkey Bob would just like to thank you for taking the heat off of us for that little, um, Santa incident.”
  47. “But, Charlotte, everyone makes mistakes. That’s why they put erasers at the end of pencils.”
  48. “But it was a thing, Charlotte, not a human being.”
  49. “Life’s what happens when you’re busy making plans.”
  50. “Maybe it’s time for a swan dive.”
  51. “A Christmas surprise.”
  52. “Not sure I can handle any more surprises.”
  53. “Everything is salvageable.”
  54. “As long as it has a solid foundation.”
  55. “Charlotte! We have another situation.”
  56. “Grant still believes in Santa.”
  57. “He checked your phone and thinks that Santa didn’t get your text.”
  58. “Shepherds haven’t seen him. I’m gonna go ask Santa and the elves.”
  59. “He’s a ninja warrior. Jackie knows.”
  60. “It’s not very often we get a real ninja in our restaurant.”
  61. “Santa’s real, isn’t he, mom?”
  62. “She says we need real evidence, like a lock of hair for DNA testing.”
  63. “Do you believe in him?”
  64. “But I always keep looking and hoping.”
  65. “Pinky swear?”
  66. “Startech was always a placeholder. Remember?”
  67. “But I have faith. Everything is gonna work out.”
  68. “Every year I am reminded on an annual basis, of everything I wanted to do for you, for us.”
  69. “And it’s punctuated by this exclamation point called Christmas.”
  70. “To try a reverse swan dive.”
  71. “Does this mean I’m dead?”
  72. “She loves company, especially around this time of year.”
  73. “You’re gonna be alright.”
  74. “The star will be there. Okay? Promise.”
  75. “You know Daniel wanted to be an inventor, always wanted to change the world.”
  76. “I wish he was here.”
  77. “That’s not something you just…put in a holiday newsletter.”
  78. “But then I realized we needed to create something.”
  79. “You know, to keep his memory alive.”
  80. “We started a foundation in his name and I wrote about it in the newsletter like he did it all.”
  81. “‘Cause, in a way he did.”
  82. “This was Daniel’s biggest dream.”
  83. “It’s real.”
  84. “I promised him that someday I would build a balloon to take us around the world.”
  85. “Any sight of Santa?”
  86. “You saved my Christmas, Char.”
  87. “What the heck are you doing?”
  88. “Believing.”
  89. “Santa Claus is coming to town!”
  90. “I think it’s time to conclude our investigation.”
  91. “You wanna believe, don’t you?”
  92. “Merry Christmas to all!”
  93. “Monkey Bob is flying!”
  94. “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”
  95. “Let’s get you on the ground, Santa.”
  96. “Here, let me help.”
  97. “I know how tricky these flying sleighs can be.”
  98. “Merry Christmas, Danny.”
  99. “My advice to you is believe, ‘cause he still believes in you.”
  100. “We’re keeping it for our splendiferous family.”

Experience the ultimate blend of comedy and hope this holiday season with quotes from Netflix’s Best Christmas Ever movie, featuring Brandy and Heather Graham!

Whether you watch Christmas movies for any reason, this film promises to immerse you in a heartwarming journey filled with laughter, tears, and the Christmas spirit. 

Best christmas ever movie quotes that will make you laugh.

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