Best Creative Apps To Edit Your Photos

Your social media says a lot about you, so what do you want your message to be? The photos you take make up a majority of what gets presented. Taking the photo is the first part, and then the fun comes – the editing. I love editing photos for Instagram, other platforms, or just to send to my friends. I have put together a list of the best creative apps to edit your photos with, so check them out!


If you follow any influencers on Instagram, I can guarantee this is the filter app that they use. This app was created by creator and photographer Tezza and her web designer husband. There are a variety of free filters for you to choose from. To get all of the filters it is billed either $1.99 per month or $19.99 for the whole year at once. For the additional video editing features it is an extra $10 per year. The video editing has great features that allow you to get retro looking stop start footage.

All photos taken by author.


This is a classic that we all know and love. A lot of people know this app based off of its feature as a stand alone social media platform, but the app offers a great variety of filters and the ability to save presets (custom edits that you make). When you upload a photo and go into edit it, VSCO gives you suggestions on what filters work with best with the colors and subject in the photo. For people who don’t like a photo that looks overly filtered, I highly recommend this app. This is by far one of the most used, but best apps to edit your photos with.


Prequel is the ultimate filter and effects app for someone with an artsy account. This app costs $39.99 a year and it offers so many effects ranging from lighting, retro filters, framing effects, and overlay options with glitter or text. This is the app that everyone is using to create the VOGUE at home photos with that are trending on Instagram.

Photo edited with the Quarantine #6 effect.


This app is great for editing things out of the background of a photo, like an outlet on a wall. It also has a great toolbar where you can do some serious editing ranging from editing out red eyes, blurring edges, and adding curves to the lighting. The best part is that the app is free!  


Canva is the best app/website for someone venturing into graphic design and layout work. It gives you the option to pick from templates for Instagram or Facebook posts, so that they are the perfect size and format. Once you select an option you can edit a photo with pre-made graphics and create text over the image. The app is free for a variety of options, but you can pay if you want to get the full toolbar. This is great for creating informative graphics for small businesses or events on social media.


I have seen this app all over Tiktok. This app allows you to edit and play around with a lot of cool filters. It has numerous color options and interesting filters to transform your photo into something fun and playful. There are so many options, and the majority of them are free. This is one of the most creative and best apps for editing your photos.

Play around — the best part of having social media is that it is authentically yours. Nobody else is in charge of your accounts, so create photos that match exactly what you want to present. Get creative!

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